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  • I was surfing through the channels an I see a trailer for this and.....

    I was surfing through the channels an I see a trailer for this and now I love it. Great show over all. This show is as personal as it gets. I'm afraid to go on that show and for the participants on the show. I'm sure when they get home they get yelled at, beat up, or worse. I have advice for anyone that wants to go on this show. Make sure you know what you are doing and that you aren't secretive and that you aren't married because if your wife finds out something bad, it's over. I really do like this show though.
    I like the way they do things and I look forward to watching every single episode.
  • I like this show, humiliating but what do the viewers really care, funny!

    There is many things to say about this show, it is very humiliating for the participant in the game,and maybe even for family and friends, but this gameshow is pretty interesting. First of all, this show is very different than other gameshows, you're got a lie detector monitoring you telling you true or false to very personal questions which, by the way get much more difficult to answer as you gain more money. When playing this game,however,you see especially the spouses take a hit from answering the hard, personal and sometimes secretive questions. All that I say is if you want to be in this game, you have to be a "good sport", after you can't be angry at your spouse because he answered tough questions for a large amount of money. This show is pretty good right now, but expect it to drop ratings wise down the next couple of years.
  • HILLARIOUS! Everyone i know was watching it and calling each other laughing up a storm...putting their jobs, the wives, and their lives on the line, and sometimes for nothin! Must see!

    Sure it has some kinks, like any show, but the fact of the matter is, it's funny as hell! If your lookin for something to watch that will have you in tears, check this one out...Definetly the funniest thing i've seen on tv in a long time! It's crazy what people will do for the money...One guy even admitted to looking into others personal items at work while his boss was in the audience...That takes some balls if you ask me...guess he'll be givin half of w/e he wins to his boss to keep his job! And the other dude didn't win a damn thing and was caught being a little to "physical" with his physical therapy patients...This show could ruin people...I LOVE IT!
  • it LOOKED good.

    this show Looked good when i saw the previews but then with the long pauses and stress with the families it kinda went downhill.never the less the show was entertaining and down right funny at times.yes i said at times.on the first episode the first guy was good but the second guy kinda made me go to sleep becuz his questions werent as consorvertal.hopefully as the series goes on it will get better and better until it reachs a high level.i dont like the long pauses when they say True after every question.its just annoying. this show is entertaing 8/10 g
  • Horrible...WAY overhyped.. I was totally disappointed

    I was very of excited for this show when i saw the previews, i thought it would be a sweaty breakdown, The questions werent that great, and i think that it was just clever advertising. There was way to much time between when the person gave their answer and the lie detector answer. It took FOREVER. and the tier system was pretty bad. The questions pretty much sucked until like 100,000 and not many ppl get past that -_-. And the stupid thing with the families and stuff. I thought it would be a cool dramatic show with the lie detector right there along with the family. It just was clever advertising by fox for a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE show -_-.
  • Very entertaining.

    This may be my new favorite show. It is very entertaining. I could not stop laughing and if people want to put theirselves out there and look like fools, I think it is great. It was vey interesting and I did not want it to end, I do not really like game shows and I was suprised that I wanted it to come back on. I think it lived up to its hype. The preveiws showed it as a show that asks personal questions while someone is hooked up to a lie detector test and that is exactly what it was. It was what I expected it to be and I will be watching it again next week.
  • I was excited about the new show. We still had the chance to see the UNC ball game. Why? Because of the long delays for both the contestants answer and again for the final answer. I'm sure their sponsors are excited.

    Sponsors wake up. Your dollars aren't working. The long delays between both of the answers was very irritating. We had pleny of time to see UNC basketball game, thanks for that. The show could have some promise if the problems were corrected. No one will waste their time or be able to stay awake. We had been looking forward to watching it. There aren't many good programs on now that are worth watching. We need weekly shows like there once was where you had to be home on that night. You weren't going to miss it for anything. We need at least one good night soap like Dallas was but in a modern mode. If more people would address this maybe we could get better shows that the whole family need view together.
  • Are you kidding me?!

    This show is an interesting idea turned into terrible acting, and horrible pointless rules, but what do you expect from FOX, especially during a strike?! The thing that makes this show so bad is that it is so predictable! If the so called "contestant" has to think about their answer, it will definetly be the more conterverisal answer. And to add to this show's credibility, why would there be people out there that would, out of all places try to win money on a show with circumstances such as this. FOX really thinks that Game shows are all the rage since Deal or No Deal came, but FOX, if you really must try, Make it real, and make it interesting.
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