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  • Are you kidding me?!

    This show is an interesting idea turned into terrible acting, and horrible pointless rules, but what do you expect from FOX, especially during a strike?! The thing that makes this show so bad is that it is so predictable! If the so called "contestant" has to think about their answer, it will definetly be the more conterverisal answer. And to add to this show's credibility, why would there be people out there that would, out of all places try to win money on a show with circumstances such as this. FOX really thinks that Game shows are all the rage since Deal or No Deal came, but FOX, if you really must try, Make it real, and make it interesting.
  • I was excited about the new show. We still had the chance to see the UNC ball game. Why? Because of the long delays for both the contestants answer and again for the final answer. I'm sure their sponsors are excited.

    Sponsors wake up. Your dollars aren't working. The long delays between both of the answers was very irritating. We had pleny of time to see UNC basketball game, thanks for that. The show could have some promise if the problems were corrected. No one will waste their time or be able to stay awake. We had been looking forward to watching it. There aren't many good programs on now that are worth watching. We need weekly shows like there once was where you had to be home on that night. You weren't going to miss it for anything. We need at least one good night soap like Dallas was but in a modern mode. If more people would address this maybe we could get better shows that the whole family need view together.
  • Very entertaining.

    This may be my new favorite show. It is very entertaining. I could not stop laughing and if people want to put theirselves out there and look like fools, I think it is great. It was vey interesting and I did not want it to end, I do not really like game shows and I was suprised that I wanted it to come back on. I think it lived up to its hype. The preveiws showed it as a show that asks personal questions while someone is hooked up to a lie detector test and that is exactly what it was. It was what I expected it to be and I will be watching it again next week.
  • Horrible...WAY overhyped.. I was totally disappointed

    I was very of excited for this show when i saw the previews, i thought it would be a sweaty breakdown, The questions werent that great, and i think that it was just clever advertising. There was way to much time between when the person gave their answer and the lie detector answer. It took FOREVER. and the tier system was pretty bad. The questions pretty much sucked until like 100,000 and not many ppl get past that -_-. And the stupid thing with the families and stuff. I thought it would be a cool dramatic show with the lie detector right there along with the family. It just was clever advertising by fox for a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE show -_-.
  • it LOOKED good.

    this show Looked good when i saw the previews but then with the long pauses and stress with the families it kinda went downhill.never the less the show was entertaining and down right funny at times.yes i said at times.on the first episode the first guy was good but the second guy kinda made me go to sleep becuz his questions werent as consorvertal.hopefully as the series goes on it will get better and better until it reachs a high level.i dont like the long pauses when they say True after every question.its just annoying. this show is entertaing 8/10 g
  • HILLARIOUS! Everyone i know was watching it and calling each other laughing up a storm...putting their jobs, the wives, and their lives on the line, and sometimes for nothin! Must see!

    Sure it has some kinks, like any show, but the fact of the matter is, it's funny as hell! If your lookin for something to watch that will have you in tears, check this one out...Definetly the funniest thing i've seen on tv in a long time! It's crazy what people will do for the money...One guy even admitted to looking into others personal items at work while his boss was in the audience...That takes some balls if you ask me...guess he'll be givin half of w/e he wins to his boss to keep his job! And the other dude didn't win a damn thing and was caught being a little to "physical" with his physical therapy patients...This show could ruin people...I LOVE IT!
  • I like this show, humiliating but what do the viewers really care, funny!

    There is many things to say about this show, it is very humiliating for the participant in the game,and maybe even for family and friends, but this gameshow is pretty interesting. First of all, this show is very different than other gameshows, you're got a lie detector monitoring you telling you true or false to very personal questions which, by the way get much more difficult to answer as you gain more money. When playing this game,however,you see especially the spouses take a hit from answering the hard, personal and sometimes secretive questions. All that I say is if you want to be in this game, you have to be a "good sport", after you can't be angry at your spouse because he answered tough questions for a large amount of money. This show is pretty good right now, but expect it to drop ratings wise down the next couple of years.
  • I was surfing through the channels an I see a trailer for this and.....

    I was surfing through the channels an I see a trailer for this and now I love it. Great show over all. This show is as personal as it gets. I'm afraid to go on that show and for the participants on the show. I'm sure when they get home they get yelled at, beat up, or worse. I have advice for anyone that wants to go on this show. Make sure you know what you are doing and that you aren't secretive and that you aren't married because if your wife finds out something bad, it's over. I really do like this show though.
    I like the way they do things and I look forward to watching every single episode.
  • hmmm.....

    ok the people on this show are just plain stupid. i mean seriously, u tell a whole bunch of secrets about yourself ON NATIONAL T.V. just for a few bucks that definitely wont last u a lifetime. sometimes the people are forced to lie and they end up getting NOTHING. so they just revealed their deepest darkest secrets on national t.v. to go home EMPTY HANDED!! u already disgraced yourself on t.v. u might as well get something out of it sheesh . and u know when god judes us hes gonna bring this type of stuff upO_o.
  • a decent show

    This show honestly looked a lot more exciting in the commercails. But it is not that bad. It is very interusting to see what people have to say. The only problem is that is gets boring very fast. The long pauses in between answers, and the tension its way to overdone. Maybe they should make it a bit faster and stop stringing everything out. I will watch this show every once and a while if there is nothing else on, but I do not think it is that great. There are a lot of questions they ask that are way to similar.
  • Mildly interesting a decent show to watch.

    Well if you want a show, another reality show, that gets all personal and gets people to humiliate there selves on TV, then this is the show for you and I am not too big on lie detectors and I believe that some times they can detect the wrong things and some times you may not be able to tell whether or not someone is lieing but I guess the creators of the show thought more of the lie detectors and made this show so I caught some episodes and you just can laugh at the contestants and say to yourself that you will never ever put yourself in their shoes.
  • this show is kind of !@#$% up.i mean...come on

    This show is weird.Im pretty sure that before the people go on the show have to sign something regarding that by the end of this show...if you and you spouse ever break up or get divorsed that the show takes no responsibility for your actions.but this show can be pretty interesting at some points if it has nothing to do with your relationship.but it can also ruin your relationships depending if your fully committed and truthful.But other than that i think its a waste of me it like putting other peoples crap on television.So i hope people thiknk before they go on this show
  • An alright show. Needs shorter pauses.

    I was so excited when I heard they were coming out with a show like this. I thought, oh man this is going to be sweet! Then I watch it, and I get bored! Those pauses, those long, dumb, un dramatic, stupid pauses! That is what ruins shows like these. There was at least ten minutes of pauses in the first episode. And those long re-caps of last week shows are so long to! This show has so much potential to be a great show. But fox is finding new ways to make it suck. It is watchable though, you juts have to be doing something else while watching it, I give it a 7/10.
  • Television sinks to a new low.

    Oh, the cursed writer's strike! It has forced TV studios to come up with "cutting edge" reality and game shows. The Fox network gives serves up its latest batch of filth in the awful game show "The Moment of Truth". In this game show, contestants are attached to a lie detector and then asked a variety of increasingly personal and embarassing questions. It is the latest in our soceity's attempt to win money and a taste of celebrity by doing as little as possible. As long as the contestant answers "truthfully", he or she can win up to $500 000. They have family members and loved ones who can stop the process at any time to avoid embarassment. Consider this to be something like a mash-up of "Dr. Phil" meets "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Actually, maybe more like Jerry Springer than Dr. Phil.

    First off, the setup of the game is atrocious. The host banters about with the contestant for a few minutes, then drops a question on him/her that is supposedly based on said banter. Contestant squirms in their seat while concerned looks of the loved ones are shown. Contestant squirms a little more, than gives the answer. The lie detector takes anywhere from 2-50 seconds to verify whether
    the answer given is true or not. The length of the pause is usually determined by how much "suspense and drama" is required. While waiting, the contestant squirms some more in their seat, as if they are trying to lie, but want to fool the machine. Answer is revealed, and if the answer is truth, audience claps, contestant breathes sigh of relief, and depending on the answer, loved ones either looked peeved, upset, or relieved. If answer is a lie, everyone looks shocked, including the contestant. Most of us at home supposedly snicker at the foolishness of people that aren't us, but they are on TV so we secretly wish they were us. I thought that "Deal or No Deal" went overboard on unnecessary pauses for the sake of drama, but "Moment of Truth" takes the proverbial cake. It is unecessary. The whole idea of people airing their dirty laundry on TV for a chance at a quick payoff makes me cringe and is a sad commentary, almost as sad as the fact that this show debuted at #1 in its time slot. What is wrong with us? Are train wrecks that enticing? My biggest beef with this is that lie detectors are not 100% fool proof. They are not as reliable as people believe them to be. A person can give a false reading, either a false truth ar a false lie. If they were 100% reliable, they would be used in every court case to determine someone's guilt or innocence and save the legal system thousands in man-hours and dollars. A whole show based on this is utter garbage. People who appear on it seem to think that they can beat the system, but they never do. I only saw part of a single episode and had to turn to something else. This show is a complete waste of time. I can only imagine what it would had been like if the writers strike was not on, and suspect that this piece of garbage, even to Fox's questionable standards, would have seen the light of prime time.
  • This show, a game show with a simple concept, says more about western civilization than The Real World or any of its reality show offspring.

    At this point reality television has become anything but. Why are there writing credits at the end of episodes?.. This show, a game show, with a simple concept says more about western civilization than The Real World or any of its reality show offspring.

    Lie detector test results aren't completely accurate for all people and I was skeptical for that reason but the types of contestants shown so far have faces and mannerisms that read like open books.

    Even if they beat the actual test on some questions, when they're in front of all those people and cameras, their expression's say it all. Under those circumstances is about the closest you'll get to finding out the truth.

    Some questions will be too general and cause false negatives and vice versa, but in this day and age when a lot of people celebrate their depravity, a show like this might just wake a few people up before their Free-Vee's premier "The Running Man". I doubt it, though.
  • I almost hate my self for watching it.....and more so for liking it.

    Now I'm not sure how long this show will last and I have no Idea how long the producers will be able to keep it authentic but for now I can't help but watch. Now I hate reality tv and I'm not very fond of game shows....but I am drawn to this show. Perhaps it's the potentially life altering questions being answeder honestly infront of a live studio audience your closest family menbers and on national tv. Now the secptical cinical person may say that the guests are fake and it's all done for ratings and that there's no way that people would put themselves through that for money, and those people may or may not be right....but as long as they can make it look real, I can suspend disbeliefe long enough to enjoy watching tv tear families apart. perhaps I'm just a sick person!
  • All this show does is ruin someone's relationship.

    Even though honesty is a good thing, it doesnt necessarily mean that innocent people have to lose ones they love because of it. I find this show to be terrible. They shouldnt let married people take part in it unless they really truly love their partner and know that nothing that is said could ruin their relationship. I just find everything on this show to be very low. I know the point of the show is to let people embarrass themselves and if they lose their partner its their fault but honestly, the people sitting on the sidelines dont deserve this and I cant believe they dont take those people into consideration. Its just bad.
  • This is good entertainment. People complain that it ruins relationships, listen, if people were honest to begin with, what's the problem? They're not tricking people, no one forced guests to appear, so what's the harm?

    I really like this show. I'm curious why they call the 1 episode ( that finally put a woman in the real hot seat, like they've done to ALL of the male contestants- past woman had bogus questions) 'the most controversial'? You can't ask a woman questions and expect the truth? Our society would have you believe men are liars and women are not, so we can't handle looking at reality that PEOPLE aren't perfect and lie? lol It's now being said that the show crossed the line, yet the first show where the guy could have lost his job and his marriage, oh no that's nothing that's entertainment! lol I think this show forces you to examine what you're really about and I can't hate a show that makes people examine their souls and demands honesty, if you wish to win money. It's like that controversial one, why is that girl marrying someone she doesn't love, when she loves another? Why did she get eliminated because she said she feels she's honest and that turns out to be a lie? then when they ask why she feels she's honest, she says "because I've gotten over stealing money from my old job" LOL uh hello!!! You answered that you cheated on your husband while married, you don't feel bad and think you're bad for that? CRAZY PEOPLE! That is why the show is good. No one barks at shows where people show TnA all day to get money, embarass themselves and their whole families by doing dumb things on TV, but we're going to cry because someone can't tell the truth on a TV show? Get real people. I think most people who hate the show are people who are bad liars themselves, in relationships. They know they'd fail the show and are probably getting questioned by their partners on some of the questions of the show. LOL THAT'S who I'm finding tend to hate this show. I'm honest, and demand honesty so I love it!
  • Absolutely shameful

    Whoever came up with this concept should be out of a job. This show plays on peoples lowest moments and humiliates them all in the name of shocking television. The people who go on this show are no better than people who put in time on Jerry Springer or Dr. Phil. They parade their shameful lies on national television for money. It is a sad state of affairs in this world when a man can admit to smuggling drugs and be rewarded with a "Good Job. You're an honest man." SERIOUSLY?! This show is depraved and sick. It is proof that we live for a good scandal.
  • The car wreck that you just can't look away from.

    I was tentative about watching this show, but was overruled in regards to the remote by my wife. I thought I would just surf the web on my laptop while she watched it, but as soon as the show started, I couldn't stop watching.

    This show is that bad car wreck on the side of the expressway. You drive past it and you don't feel right looking at the destruction, but at the same time you slow down with everyone else to take a peek, and you just can't look away. It's just amazing how much dignity people are willing to give up for money, and a rather small amount compared to other game shows.

    I will never understand how people are willing to lose their families, careers, and futures for money (or, what has become more likely, for nothing).
  • Goes a little too personal......

    When I first saw previews to the show, I was a little intrigued....The shows first couples of episodes were good in that you had to watch contestants tell the truth. Like many other fascinated by the many levels of a person's life. The questions on the show however, go a little too personal. As demonstrated by the events of the one show in which they almost didn't air. That taping should never have been shown, and the questions were extremely distasteful. It's one thing to ask if you've ever stolen office supplies or break the law. But to deliberately ask question, in which you know will break up a's not entrainment.
    This show has great potential. Especially if they show, really thinks about how a question could affect a contestant's relationship with their partner. Don't get me wrong, the question should get somewhat personal, especially if that person is not married.
  • What has TV turned into?

    Its really horrible, peoples relationships are ruined by this show how lame is that. FOX can't think of anything good to put on but this crap, it would be great to have an ep with the host to be asked questions that he wouldn't want to answer. Its just wrong, some secrets have to be hidden. I don't know if this show is real or not but if it is real, man you wouldn't want to answer those questions! Sometimes I think some people don't care about what they put on TV. You should focus on the positives not the negatives!
  • It's a good show with a GREAT premise......the problem is that it is time-consuming.

    Moment of Truth is a reality where contestants basically embarass themselves by revealing every little detail about themselves. (some details that should never be revealed.) I may not have a conscience but this show is great but why do I not watch it often. Because it is too time-consuming.

    Moments of Truth, like all FOX reality and game shows, are too-consuming! They take all their time with just one person. It shouldn't take two episodes on just one contestant!!

    Another thing I hate about the show is that people take too long to answer. They do this on purpose to prolong the episode because, gosh!, they don't want their secret out! When asked a question, they shouldn't be like " time it happened but I don't think it matter" (If it didn't matter why does it take so long to get an answer!) or "I don't know" (How could you NOT know?). Just answer YES or NO. Until that happens.....I will not watch this show because I do not have the time or patience to withstand the unnecassary, prolonged agony.
  • Amazing!

    The Show Where You Answer 21 Difficult Personal Questions And Get 500,000 Dollars. This Is An Important Show! With Events Happening Currently Is it Important To See If There Is A Truly Honest Person In America. You See People Everey where But Does Ever Think that Maybe He or She Is The One?
    It Really Is Something to Think About. Episode 105 Was A Good Example Of The Show. We Are Exposeing Those Who Do Wrong, People! This Show Is An Incredible Way To Get Things Of You Back (Or Chest, I'm Not Sure) And Get Paid For It! So Come On And Sign Up
    Fox Out
  • this show makes me feel bad...

    ok the people on this show are just plain stupid. i mean seriously, u tell a whole bunch of secrets about yourself ON NATIONAL T. V. just for a few bucks that definitely wont last u a lifetime. sometimes the people are forced to lie and they end up getting NOTHING. so they just revealed their deepest darkest secrets on national t.v. to go home EMPTY HANDED!! u already disgraced yourself on t.v. u might as well get something out of it sheesh . and u know when god judes us hes gonna bring this type of stuff up O_o. does the hist even have a heart?
  • Truth is... the actual game show part of it is pretty bad. But, I love to hear people admit some of this stuff! It really is a guilty pleasure.

    If you're interested in watching "Moment of Truth" for a good game show, don't watch it. Go watch some of the other big game shows or go GSN (Game Show Network). This show is only good for those who like to hear some juicy gossip and terrible secrets. It may hurt your conscience even watching "Moment of Truth", but to me, I just love seeing these people confess. Call our nation crazy, but people like this stuff. So, if you don't like that kind of stuff, don't watch it. But, if you're the kind of person who loves to see people answer some heartbreaking questions in front of their loved ones (sick, I know), the sit back and enjoy. The show may seem a little slow, but when you think about it, they're going just about as fast as they can.
  • i can't help but to love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can't help but to love this show. it is pretty entertaining just to see if the answer is yes or no and how thier family/ friends will react to it. anyways, the contestsants are strapped to a lie detector and how to answer embaressing / humiliating questions in order to get cash. if one answer is false, then you leave the game show with nothing. all i have to say was, what i said before it is one of the most entertaining shows i've seen. it's filled with suspense and always leaves you wanting more. but, i just want people to stop hating this show for wrong reasons. people are saying it humiliates people and that stuff. it doesn't though. the contestants signed up for the show and are clearly responsible for whatever happens. if it leads to a divorce then too bad. despite all the critism, i highly suggest you watch this show. controvery at its best!
  • I'm not a fan...

    I just don't like the whole idea of this show. Just watching people answer questions for just doesn't interest me. I guess I could say it ruins marriages and crap like that, but seriously, they agreed to go on the show. It's theie fault. Anyways, back to the point. The show is pretty slow and it takes a long time for answers to be answered and I just don't have the patience. I like fast-paced game shows (which are hard to find) and this one is just too boring for me. I never got into the show and I'll probably never watch it again unless there's nothing else on.
  • Stupid for people to go on

    I think this show is just S-T-U-P-I-D! This show makes people lose their jobs, relationships and stuff like that. If people want money, GO ON A DIFFRENT SHOW!!!! That show RUINS peoples lives. And I don't know what kind of sick, twisted minds enjoy that kind of pain that people receive!People need to realize that there are some secrets that are better left unsaid. And don't even get me started on that host. That host is not nice at all! He pressures people!He ALWAYS does!!!I think he does what he does, you know making people who they KNOW they will get mad if he tells the truth, on purpose. I HATE this show!!!!
  • I love the show. Its interesting. The questions are unbelievable and very personal. It's a great show.

    I would like to say that I really love the show. It is one of my favorites, because it is interesting to watch and the questions are unbelievable. I wouldn't have never predicted that a live show would ask a person to answer such personal questions that could hurt their loved ones or put their business out on national television. I think that it was the best idea to come up with for a show that is unique from others because it is like if the contestant really wants the money, they will tell the truth. I think it is a great way to win money and a fun way as well.

    For that reason, I would really want to be picked as a contestant on your show. I am a person that believes in honesty, is the best policy and would not have no shame in airing out any secrets for money. I am a college student at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, and is looking for fast cash anytime. So if you could just let me know what I have to do, to be on your show or if I can not be by e-mailing me at Thank you!
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