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FOX (ended 2008)





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  • Television sinks to a new low.

    Oh, the cursed writer's strike! It has forced TV studios to come up with "cutting edge" reality and game shows. The Fox network gives serves up its latest batch of filth in the awful game show "The Moment of Truth". In this game show, contestants are attached to a lie detector and then asked a variety of increasingly personal and embarassing questions. It is the latest in our soceity's attempt to win money and a taste of celebrity by doing as little as possible. As long as the contestant answers "truthfully", he or she can win up to $500 000. They have family members and loved ones who can stop the process at any time to avoid embarassment. Consider this to be something like a mash-up of "Dr. Phil" meets "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". Actually, maybe more like Jerry Springer than Dr. Phil.

    First off, the setup of the game is atrocious. The host banters about with the contestant for a few minutes, then drops a question on him/her that is supposedly based on said banter. Contestant squirms in their seat while concerned looks of the loved ones are shown. Contestant squirms a little more, than gives the answer. The lie detector takes anywhere from 2-50 seconds to verify whether
    the answer given is true or not. The length of the pause is usually determined by how much "suspense and drama" is required. While waiting, the contestant squirms some more in their seat, as if they are trying to lie, but want to fool the machine. Answer is revealed, and if the answer is truth, audience claps, contestant breathes sigh of relief, and depending on the answer, loved ones either looked peeved, upset, or relieved. If answer is a lie, everyone looks shocked, including the contestant. Most of us at home supposedly snicker at the foolishness of people that aren't us, but they are on TV so we secretly wish they were us. I thought that "Deal or No Deal" went overboard on unnecessary pauses for the sake of drama, but "Moment of Truth" takes the proverbial cake. It is unecessary. The whole idea of people airing their dirty laundry on TV for a chance at a quick payoff makes me cringe and is a sad commentary, almost as sad as the fact that this show debuted at #1 in its time slot. What is wrong with us? Are train wrecks that enticing? My biggest beef with this is that lie detectors are not 100% fool proof. They are not as reliable as people believe them to be. A person can give a false reading, either a false truth ar a false lie. If they were 100% reliable, they would be used in every court case to determine someone's guilt or innocence and save the legal system thousands in man-hours and dollars. A whole show based on this is utter garbage. People who appear on it seem to think that they can beat the system, but they never do. I only saw part of a single episode and had to turn to something else. This show is a complete waste of time. I can only imagine what it would had been like if the writers strike was not on, and suspect that this piece of garbage, even to Fox's questionable standards, would have seen the light of prime time.
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