The Moment of Truth

FOX (ended 2008)





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  • I almost hate my self for watching it.....and more so for liking it.

    Now I'm not sure how long this show will last and I have no Idea how long the producers will be able to keep it authentic but for now I can't help but watch. Now I hate reality tv and I'm not very fond of game shows....but I am drawn to this show. Perhaps it's the potentially life altering questions being answeder honestly infront of a live studio audience your closest family menbers and on national tv. Now the secptical cinical person may say that the guests are fake and it's all done for ratings and that there's no way that people would put themselves through that for money, and those people may or may not be right....but as long as they can make it look real, I can suspend disbeliefe long enough to enjoy watching tv tear families apart. perhaps I'm just a sick person!