The Moment of Truth

FOX (ended 2008)





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  • This is good entertainment. People complain that it ruins relationships, listen, if people were honest to begin with, what's the problem? They're not tricking people, no one forced guests to appear, so what's the harm?

    I really like this show. I'm curious why they call the 1 episode ( that finally put a woman in the real hot seat, like they've done to ALL of the male contestants- past woman had bogus questions) 'the most controversial'? You can't ask a woman questions and expect the truth? Our society would have you believe men are liars and women are not, so we can't handle looking at reality that PEOPLE aren't perfect and lie? lol It's now being said that the show crossed the line, yet the first show where the guy could have lost his job and his marriage, oh no that's nothing that's entertainment! lol I think this show forces you to examine what you're really about and I can't hate a show that makes people examine their souls and demands honesty, if you wish to win money. It's like that controversial one, why is that girl marrying someone she doesn't love, when she loves another? Why did she get eliminated because she said she feels she's honest and that turns out to be a lie? then when they ask why she feels she's honest, she says "because I've gotten over stealing money from my old job" LOL uh hello!!! You answered that you cheated on your husband while married, you don't feel bad and think you're bad for that? CRAZY PEOPLE! That is why the show is good. No one barks at shows where people show TnA all day to get money, embarass themselves and their whole families by doing dumb things on TV, but we're going to cry because someone can't tell the truth on a TV show? Get real people. I think most people who hate the show are people who are bad liars themselves, in relationships. They know they'd fail the show and are probably getting questioned by their partners on some of the questions of the show. LOL THAT'S who I'm finding tend to hate this show. I'm honest, and demand honesty so I love it!