The Moment of Truth

FOX (ended 2008)





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  • Goes a little too personal......

    When I first saw previews to the show, I was a little intrigued....The shows first couples of episodes were good in that you had to watch contestants tell the truth. Like many other fascinated by the many levels of a person's life. The questions on the show however, go a little too personal. As demonstrated by the events of the one show in which they almost didn't air. That taping should never have been shown, and the questions were extremely distasteful. It's one thing to ask if you've ever stolen office supplies or break the law. But to deliberately ask question, in which you know will break up a's not entrainment.
    This show has great potential. Especially if they show, really thinks about how a question could affect a contestant's relationship with their partner. Don't get me wrong, the question should get somewhat personal, especially if that person is not married.