The Moment of Truth

FOX (ended 2008)





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  • It's a good show with a GREAT premise......the problem is that it is time-consuming.

    Moment of Truth is a reality where contestants basically embarass themselves by revealing every little detail about themselves. (some details that should never be revealed.) I may not have a conscience but this show is great but why do I not watch it often. Because it is too time-consuming.

    Moments of Truth, like all FOX reality and game shows, are too-consuming! They take all their time with just one person. It shouldn't take two episodes on just one contestant!!

    Another thing I hate about the show is that people take too long to answer. They do this on purpose to prolong the episode because, gosh!, they don't want their secret out! When asked a question, they shouldn't be like " time it happened but I don't think it matter" (If it didn't matter why does it take so long to get an answer!) or "I don't know" (How could you NOT know?). Just answer YES or NO. Until that happens.....I will not watch this show because I do not have the time or patience to withstand the unnecassary, prolonged agony.