The Moment of Truth

FOX (ended 2008)





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  • Tears families apart by asking twenty-one personal questions. Sure, entertaining, but extremely boring.

    The show draws contestants that have already been asked over twenty questions, and have given their truthful answers. Their primary audience on this show: their friends and family. If they want to achieve 500,000 dollars, they must correctly answer 21 of the questions as truthfully as they originally did.

    The show itself is from mediocre to good, but I can never seem to watch an entire episode. It's just too ... boring. There are commercials every five minutes, after really personal questions. It just gets way too dragged on. The commercials should be placed every 15 or so minutes, and not every five. Get rid of the "suspense". It's unneeded. I doubt the show will improve before the end of this season, and more and more people will continue to criticise how bad it's getting/ is. The concept is good, but the presentation seriously needs some work.