The Moment of Truth

FOX (ended 2008)





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  • Fake, fake, fake.

    This show is absolutely fake to begin with. Want some reasons? Well first off, the contestants know what they're going to back asked before the taping, so why do they even pretend to act surprise?
    Second, the audience is super annoying. It's like there's a button that we can't see on TV that tells you to "oooh-ahhh" and everything. Gosh!
    Third, why do everyone who goes on that show has some bad parts in their life about sex, sex, sex? Every contestants are "bad" people. Never had there been someone who hadn't been asked 1 single sex question. And never had there been a good person on the show. Hiring actors for ratings. Wow.
    Fourth, they never go pass the 100,000 dollars! Why? Because it's fake and want more viewers to watch so they'll anticipate for the Million!
    Many more reason. Why do they even call themselves a "Reality" show? There's nothing real in the show. If you're looking for some good suspense full of real people, do not watch this show.