The Moment of Truth

FOX (ended 2008)





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  • Fox needed to promote this awesome show a bit more but still great

    This was the first show that actually made me a Mark Walberg fan and I fell in love with The Moment Of Truth when I saw a board game of it and I bought it. After learning more about The Moment of Truth I actually saw one episode and thought it was cool and liked it. But it's really a shame that FOX dropped The Moment Of Truth because judging from the sales of The Moment Of Truth merchandise the show would still could be a hit. Mark Walberg really shined as host of The Moment Of Truth and I think had he not left The Moment Of Truth to host the CA Lottery's game show Make Me A Millionaire The Moment Of Truth could still be a hit show today. Please FOX bring this awesome show back and make it a hit on TV once again