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NBC (ended 1995)

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    Welcome to The Mommies! Since, I gained the editorship and 200+ points in a short amount of time, I'd explain where they came from.

    When I found the guide, most of the episodes had no summaries. So, I added a summary to each episode. Those episodes that had summaries had a few problems. 1)The main character Caryl had her name spelled Carol. I fixed those. 2)The summaries were closer to recaps. Those I moved to the correct section, and then wrote a shorter original summary.

    Next, I started correcting the cast attached to each episode. For some reason, there were some random people attached as stars who had appeared in only one episode. They were attached to every episode, so that had to be fixed. At the same time, I added guest stars to episodes.

    If you have any questions, please PM me. If you run across any info on the show, PLEASE submit it. The more info on the guides, the better. Just be sure to follow TV.com guidelines and include a source.

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