The Mommies

NBC (ended 1995)


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  • Being in a household cleaner ad doesn't make someone a celebrity or a TV star . . .

    but, apparently the slack-jawwed hireups who allowed these women to stay on NBC for 2 years obviously thought so.

    This show not only made a fool of it's viewers for watching, but a mockery of the role of being a stay at home Mom. I vaguely remember this show, but what I do remember is seeing fat, slovenly Mothers sitting around the house griping about everything they hated about Motherhood. When Roseanne did it- at least it was original. These two reminded me of 2 hens in the henhouse. A complete and total waste of time this show was. Good riddance to bad TV.
  • Went downhill in season 2

    I really enjoyed this show when it first premiered. Caryl and Marilyn brought their stand-up act to tv and I thought it worked really well the first season. They had realistic marriages and kids and it was a good show. Then in season 2 one of the husbands was re-cast, another disappeared althogether and the kids took a back seat to new additions Julia Duffy (who was good) and Jere Burns (who was not). I don't understand why these decisions are made but it's usually the kiss of death for shows and it was in this instance.