The Money Maze

ABC (ended 1975)


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The Money Maze

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Nick Clooney (George's dad & Rosemary's brother) hosted this unusual game show. Future Late Show With David Letterman announcer, Alan Kalter, was the announcer. Two married couples competed. One ran the maze while the other played in the q&a round. A subject was given & it was up to the contestants to choose the correct answers. Whoever had the most points after 8 answers got to play the maze round (if there was a 4-4 tie, a jump in question was played). In the maze round, the runner had to go to a certain area, hit the button to win the prize. The caller would call out directions & had 15 seconds to reach the button. Sometimes, there would be a 2-button round & 25 seconds to hit both buttons (one was for a new car). Three rounds were played. Then it was time for the Catch-Up round, where both couples played the quiz round. The trailing couple had to give correct answers to questions (IE: If they were trailing by 14, they would have to answer 5 questions correctly; 1 pt, 2 pts, up to 5 points). Then the other couple had to answer one question correctly (6 points) to win the game. If the trailing couple goofed, the other team wins & vice versa. However, if after 3 rounds the score is tied, BOTH COUPLES played the $10,000 Dash! $10,000 DASH: There were 5 boxes each representing a digit (1-0-0-0-0). The caller had to direct the runner to the right boxes & red buttons to hit any of the digits. They had 60 seconds to do that feat. It was important to hit the "1" to win any money. The runner had to hit the buttons, come out of the maze & hit a "birthday cake" button to win. If the couple(s) won $10,000 or won three games, they were retired undefeated. This show was replaced by You Don't Say!


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