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The Montel Williams Show

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Emmy Award-winner Montel Williams began 2005 with his 15th season as host of THE MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOW. Winner of the 1996 "Outstanding Talk Show Host" category, the show has been honored with Daytime Emmy nominations for "Outstanding Talk Show" in 2001 and 2002 and was nominated for "Outstanding Talk Show Host" in 2002. Entertaining, spontaneous and always challenging, he continues to address familial, youth and relationship issues with provocative and meaningful discussions, while maintaining his own point of view.


    No mo' Montel after this year

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    • Semester Relief

      A message from Latonia Davis...

      My name is Latonia, and I have Muscular Dystrophy and I am an artist. I lived in New York since I was a child. I moved to New Jersey at the age of 28 so that I can get my life together. I started going to school a year after I moved, and I have been in School ever since. I graduated from Ocean County College in 2012 with my degree in computer science thankfully with the help of FASFA. Since I graduated I have been going to Monmouth University. Now I am getting ready to graduate, but I exceeded my FASFA payments as well as my state funding. There is $12,000 already paid for my next semester and all I have to come up with is $5,000 more. If you can please help me finish school and move closer to my dream as an Animater. Thank You!!!

    • hate doing this exspecially publicly but idk what else to do

      Dear Montel Williams

      I don't even know how to start this guess I'll just get to it!

      My name is Chelsea I am24 and currently with my best friend and love of my life. He is the reason I am writing you. His name is Robert he is 28 and going through a health issue I don't know what do with, I don't how to help him and I feel as if no one is trying.

      His mom told me when he was 3 his brother was taking a bath and Robert went in to use the restroom, when his brother looked over he did nothing but scream for his mom. Robert was urinating pure red but he showed no sign of worry or pain or discomfort. She said the d's told her he had hypercalcaemia. A calcium deficency where if he takes in too much calcium he form calcium stones(kind of like kidney stones) but because of that his body lacks calcium so his teeth are starting to break and fall out of his mouth. He gets HORIBLE migraines describes them behind the eye, he also gets sharp pains in the eye randomly. When the pain does start it keeps him up all night sometimes he cries, he's even woken me up asking me for pliers for his teeth.

      He works as Kennel tech/Sales at Puppies Tampa. As kennel thech he has his own key to the shop and opens the shop feeding, grooming, batheing, giving meds and cleaning up shop for opening.

      He has his sales day once a week unless the main sale rep wants a day off, but his sales are where we make the most money. However recently he's hated his job and being able to do his job his full potential like he used to, and he used to love his job, come on working with puppies who wouldn't love that. I found out it's because his teeth. He hates having to speak or smile or anything because he feels everyone sees his teeth.

      His condition gets to the point I have to take him to the hospital or call an ambulance because he vomits nonstop ruthlessly and different colors when he has nothing in his stomach, he's gets cold to the touch but sweats like he just got out the pool and sometimes he faint in and out and shakes. The hospital just gives him temadol flexural and some IVs and sends him home. I've known him for 8 years now dateing3 years and I've seen him go to the hospital over this millions of time.

      I just want to find him help so he can do his job and be happy with himself and I want the pain to stop before I lose him to it. Please help him

      PS. If you did agree to help and ask for us on the show is completly up to him bc i know its a very touchy subject for him, and we cant afford to take off work we can barely afford every day that come our way.

      Please help him Montel Williams

    • Reviews of LIFE LOCK

      Anyone ever read on gone to Consumer Alerts and read some of the comments. I was told by a friend that their family member was not notified when someone stole their identity.

      Before you pay your hard earned money your might want to check out this website first. or Consumer Affairs look for Life Lock.

      This was has over 30 complaints there are many more sites with complaints also. All you have to do is to look for complaints.

      I have done this on everything before I send any money! I read the good and the bad then I make an informed decision.

      One of the complaints states that they share your private information with other companies. And hire ex-con. Please do not get me wrong. I feel all cons have a right to a new beginning. But some people this really bothers.

      Just get all the facts before you make a decision. I decided not to get Life Lock. Make your own decision but do it informed.moreless
    • Hipocrite

      How can Montel promote products and have a TV show trying to make a difference in the world when he smoke marijuana? Is that why he promotes an air purifier so no one can smell the smoke? There are a lot of smoke and mirrors with Montel. I can not respect someone that says one thing and does another.
    • pit bull victims

      why not do a show on pit bull victims ? all these pit bull lovers have shows of their own ! let these people be able to tell their stories of the lost ones they have lost . there has been 12 deaths this year and several hospitalized due to their own pit bulls that they raised. 8 of the 12 was children .

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