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  • Semester Relief

    A message from Latonia Davis...

    My name is Latonia, and I have Muscular Dystrophy and I am an artist. I lived in New York since I was a child. I moved to New Jersey at the age of 28 so that I can get my life together. I started going to school a year after I moved, and I have been in School ever since. I graduated from Ocean County College in 2012 with my degree in computer science thankfully with the help of FASFA. Since I graduated I have been going to Monmouth University. Now I am getting ready to graduate, but I exceeded my FASFA payments as well as my state funding. There is $12,000 already paid for my next semester and all I have to come up with is $5,000 more. If you can please help me finish school and move closer to my dream as an Animater. Thank You!!!

  • hate doing this exspecially publicly but idk what else to do

    Dear Montel Williams

    I don't even know how to start this guess I'll just get to it!

    My name is Chelsea I am24 and currently with my best friend and love of my life. He is the reason I am writing you. His name is Robert he is 28 and going through a health issue I don't know what do with, I don't how to help him and I feel as if no one is trying.

    His mom told me when he was 3 his brother was taking a bath and Robert went in to use the restroom, when his brother looked over he did nothing but scream for his mom. Robert was urinating pure red but he showed no sign of worry or pain or discomfort. She said the d's told her he had hypercalcaemia. A calcium deficency where if he takes in too much calcium he form calcium stones(kind of like kidney stones) but because of that his body lacks calcium so his teeth are starting to break and fall out of his mouth. He gets HORIBLE migraines describes them behind the eye, he also gets sharp pains in the eye randomly. When the pain does start it keeps him up all night sometimes he cries, he's even woken me up asking me for pliers for his teeth.

    He works as Kennel tech/Sales at Puppies Tampa. As kennel thech he has his own key to the shop and opens the shop feeding, grooming, batheing, giving meds and cleaning up shop for opening.

    He has his sales day once a week unless the main sale rep wants a day off, but his sales are where we make the most money. However recently he's hated his job and being able to do his job his full potential like he used to, and he used to love his job, come on working with puppies who wouldn't love that. I found out it's because his teeth. He hates having to speak or smile or anything because he feels everyone sees his teeth.

    His condition gets to the point I have to take him to the hospital or call an ambulance because he vomits nonstop ruthlessly and different colors when he has nothing in his stomach, he's gets cold to the touch but sweats like he just got out the pool and sometimes he faint in and out and shakes. The hospital just gives him temadol flexural and some IVs and sends him home. I've known him for 8 years now dateing3 years and I've seen him go to the hospital over this millions of time.

    I just want to find him help so he can do his job and be happy with himself and I want the pain to stop before I lose him to it. Please help him

    PS. If you did agree to help and ask for us on the show is completly up to him bc i know its a very touchy subject for him, and we cant afford to take off work we can barely afford every day that come our way.

    Please help him Montel Williams

  • Reviews of LIFE LOCK

    Anyone ever read on gone to Consumer Alerts and read some of the comments. I was told by a friend that their family member was not notified when someone stole their identity.

    Before you pay your hard earned money your might want to check out this website first. or Consumer Affairs look for Life Lock.

    This was has over 30 complaints there are many more sites with complaints also. All you have to do is to look for complaints.

    I have done this on everything before I send any money! I read the good and the bad then I make an informed decision.

    One of the complaints states that they share your private information with other companies. And hire ex-con. Please do not get me wrong. I feel all cons have a right to a new beginning. But some people this really bothers.

    Just get all the facts before you make a decision. I decided not to get Life Lock. Make your own decision but do it informed.
  • Hipocrite

    How can Montel promote products and have a TV show trying to make a difference in the world when he smoke marijuana? Is that why he promotes an air purifier so no one can smell the smoke? There are a lot of smoke and mirrors with Montel. I can not respect someone that says one thing and does another.
  • pit bull victims

    why not do a show on pit bull victims ? all these pit bull lovers have shows of their own ! let these people be able to tell their stories of the lost ones they have lost . there has been 12 deaths this year and several hospitalized due to their own pit bulls that they raised. 8 of the 12 was children .
  • Jump to the Facts -

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  • BANK rip-off

    Please tell me why you are supporting a bank that are stealing money from people bank account. I want those thieves to put my money back in to my bank account
  • Montel has heart.

    I have watched this show a few times to know that Montel Williams is an emotional guy. He cries a bit to much, but I guess that is just the person he is. He does a good job of connecting with viewers and also the audience and has a way of getting to the point. I admit that he sometimes gets carried away, but most of what he has on his show is very educational and interesting. Sometimes his show is boring and slow, but much of the time he has something good. Overall, it is a good show to watch. Thank you.
  • Montel is a man with a good heart in my opinion and his show has pretty much been the same as long as I have watched it. And that is a good thing....he tries to help people, and he is not the spotlight.

    I do not have chance to watch his show that often; however, when I do I really
    enjoy the show when SYLVIA BROWNE the psychic is NOT on. She come
    one; I change the channel. I pray
    for Montel to come to realize that this is not a good thing to play around with.I would like
    him to check out some of the spiritual blogs in here:
    I wish that all the talk show hosts were more aware of the hiv myth and someone
    would do a show on the women that won the VERDICT in Mass., 12/2007
    that exposed the HIV tests.
  • I have watched the Montel Williams show for years and years. I enjoy him very much.

    I have watched Montel Williams for years.I heard him talk about his struggle with Ms.Infact the other day the news mentioned something about Marijanna Vending machines.I immeditally thought of Montel and wondered what he thought about that.I think Montel is very down to earth.He is much better then Dr.Phil or even Ellen. I wish Montel could be on for a long time to come.I wish Montel Williams the best of luck and wish he and his family well.I hope I see him doing other things in the years to come.Montel Williams is a great talk show host and a good guy.
  • This show, like other popular tv talk shows, is very one sided.

    It amazes me at how much popularity predicting the future has in our modern day society. One should expect that with all the failures of Jean Dixxon and the fact that Nostrodamus has actually been proven to be a fraud afetr clear investigation, that people would apply common sense.
    We live in a society that judges all prior civilizations to be ignorant and unscientific. Perhapse the Myans knew more about astronomy than we know and were able to calculate certain astronomical events, but either their supersticious pagan beliefs got mixed into their scientific knowlege or we place it in there. The Bible has scientific Data that is thousands of years ahead of modern science but we don't find Montel Williams boasting over the glory of the only true living God, the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy, or what the Bible teaches about the end of the world. Why not? Because Montel Williams, like other populr tv talk show hosts is closed minded and afraid of God's Word that is sharper than a two edged sword! I'll be sure to enjoy a good laugh while i'm celebrating a very wonderful meal on the day that Montel williams and his guests claimed the Mayan calender predicted all those solar flares and extra events would destroy our world. Just one reminder, when there are world wide disasters, it won't be from any Mayan superstitions but because the Lamb of God is opening the seals in Heaven and God's wrath is being poured out upon this sinful Earth; but, the Day of the Lord shall come as a thief in the night. My word to Montel Williams and others who believe in physics and predictions is to repent and believe in Jesus christ, the Lamb of God who died for their sins and arose from the dead.
  • I start by saying that I dont get to be a fan of any talk show because of my crazy schedule! Being married, kids, working full-time & school part-time for therapeutic massage. Our school had the opportunity to be audience members and now I am a fan!

    The opportunity to be on three shows was tiring but well worth the trip to NY from PA. Our school was given the opportunity to be audience members on the Montel Williams Show and even though we were all very tired from a long trip and a long day we all enjoyed the topics we were able to be a part of. Montel is a wonderful host and his crew was very nice and did a great job of taking care of us between tapings. I am happy to say that we all loved the
    experience of wonderful Montel !!
  • My summary Montel no one ever does anyhting for my family I hope you will help my dads dream come true and maybe even my dream please I see you touch alot of peoples hearts please touch my families!!!

    Hey!My name is Jessica Ragan. I watch your show all the time.On your show I seen you make peoples dreams come dad has colon cancer and lung cancer.he wants to go to Disney World before he dies and he thinks he is never going to go.He is on social security and me and My husband has a lot of bills.I want my dads wish to come true.My family never has good luck.My dad and mom never saw me and my husband get married we got married at the court house because we could not afford to have a dream wedding.please help my dads dream come true!!!!If its to much money just please make my dads dream come true.No one has ever done anything nice for my family please help me!!!!!!!!!I hope your touched by this please help me
  • Montel topics are deep and insightful

    I have to say Montel's show is more indepth then others. The topics that he covers never cease to amaze my. Some of the guest tell such horrific stories that I almost wonder if they are real. You have to think that if these stories bring Montel, a former military man to tears, that it is powerful. With that being said his show is also informative, you learn the possibilty of the slightest error in judement can be deadly. One memorable show he had a guest that had been attacked by her neighbors teenage son. He simply came knocking on her door one morning stating that he had missed his ride to school and could he come in to make a call. Now almost every single one of us wouldn't think twice about it and neither did she, he attacked her so violently it is a wonder she survived to tell her story. Other shows end up making the viewer more wiser and alert to suspicious activties. In this age of talk shows being a dime a dozen Montel has more then something to watch, it is something to watch and learn.
  • regarding your Prescription Assistance Program.....Yeah right! If you do not have a credit card or checking account you are out of luck people! Yes I applied they did not have 4 prescriptions I take. I filled out the information needed including my ss#!!!

    Why they asked for my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER...who knows? I do know that it was a waste of my time. Yes if I would have had a credit card or checking account it would have cost less! But, the other prescriptions I needed more for my Tuberculosis and my Inhaler etc..they did not carry...ummmm makes you wonder. Do I die without TB medicine? Many people Do not have credit cards or checking accounts...Pay attention MONTEL...I would write a BAD CHECK for my medicine and I am sure their would be a few other people who would do the same! You need to LQQK at your PAP again..
  • The Montel Show really lifts me up every time I watch any episode. This is a show that isn't just about drama, but about people's lives. I feel that I have grieved with some of the guest, as well as rejoiced with them.

    The Montel Show has been my favorite show since I was in school, and I am now 30 years old. This show isn't about drama, and entertainment, but about life. This show can really have a positive affect on someone that is really experiencing hard ships, such as, abusive relationships, death in the family, betrayal, and many other major problems that make a person feel that life is over. After seeing Montel reach out to the guests, and showing that he really cares, and watching a grown man actually shed tears for stranger is enough to make anyone see that there is a silver lining. Montel is compassionate, he's honest, and straight forth. Any man that doesn't hold back tears, I think is a very genuine person. I have watched him help people who seem to try and achieve golds, but have obstacles in there life. It brings tears to my eyes to watch someone else accomplish goals. I appreciate the show, and Montel will tremendously be blessed for helping others. I love the show, and keep up the great work Montel.
  • Why does Montel, like Oprah, Dr. Phil, and others not touch the subject that deals with real cover-ups by public officials-even judges) of even murder. Is there a committee that screens all suggested subject so those types can be left alone?

    What are the top ten show subjects Montel will not touch?
    What reason does he have to not feature those subjects? Is there a committee made of board of director members who decide what Montel will show and not show?
    There is one subject Montel will not even respond to which has to do with an "enterprise" that secretly operates in every community in our country. Detailed explanations have been presented to his producers but none will respond. It that because they simply don't "get it". or is there a list of subject Montel simply will not touch and it has nothing at all to do with sex, race, or any other such subject.
  • what a show to watch even better to be there live.

    I always thought Montel was a real person also being ex military, then when I saw the show tape in NYC I found out that he was truely real. His shows are very informative on hot topics of the day with an occasional fun show thrown in for good measure. He truely tells it like it is and not just wehat is politically correct. the shows I saw tapped (3) in one day the audience is invited to ask montel anything they would like about him and he answers them truthfully. Once the taping starts he does not pick people out prior to the beining of the show unless the quest is like sylvia brown where you submit questions before you enter the studio and they pick the most interesting questions to be asked. what you see on tv is what is really happening during the tapping real down to earth. great show
  • I think they made a good choice to choose Montel Williams for the host of the Montel Williams show. My favorite guest was Silvia Brown the psychic or Medium anyway you want to put it. This show is very resourceful I give it that.

    I give this show 6 out of 6 stars. This show always puts me in a good mode. Is this a new show or a old show? because I saw an advertisement for Montel two days before it came out and it said it was a all new show. You can see this show Montel everyday on ABC at 3:00 - 4:00 mountain time.
  • Interesting , informative

    Down to earth Montel Williams brings guests and information together in a way that touches your soul. I also make it a point to catch his show every wednesday when Montel features Sylvia Browne, a colorful character whom is enjoyable to watch, both Montel and Sylvia make their audience members feel comfortable and safe when asking questions of the hosts , the guests are able to express their experiences easily.
  • Highly informative talk show that discusses topics that impact people everyday. Not only provides insight, but information on resources.

    Montel is from our neck of the woods, and I find his show to be informative to people of all ages and status. It\'s not that high drama where people hit and curse at each other, but a show where information is provided and opportunities are given to get help. I find Montel to be caring, sensitive yet he can guide people to make chanages in their lives. The topics are current and applicable to everyone at sometime in their lives. I\'m not sure about Sylvia Browne- I like watching her but am not yet convinced parapsychology is really scientific.
  • I think it is one of the best talk show that we have.

    Dear Montel, I must say I have become a new watcher of your show. You are one of the few talk show hosts that I think keep your show clean. You really care about the poeple who are on your show. I am very impressed with what you do. I watched your show today, and it was about the lady who her husband set her on fire at her work. I cried the whole show. I couldn\\\'t believe that somebody would do something like that. And also the other lady were the cops didn\\\'t respond to her call. How horriable I must say I was very upset to hear that her children died because they were to lazy to go out and do something. I live in FL. I must say that we have a very good police station. I had to call the police a couple of times for people breaking into my car and they were out there with in 10 minutes. So, I have to say I think if there was an emergency that they would be there in a heart beat. I use to watch Mury but he is starting to become more like Jerry Springer show. They want to know what is wrong with people today? Well just look at the shows that they watch now a days! So much violence and a lot of the shows just aren\\\'t what they use to be. Even the cartoons are starting to get violent. I am just glad that you care about what happens out there. I really am. Maybe if there were more people like you then there wouldn\\\'t be so much violence in the world. I hope you keep your show how you keep it. Don\\\'t listen to what any one says bad about you. There just mad because you speak the truth and if they can\\\'t handle the truth then to darn bad.
  • Could be better. Should be a lot better.

    Montel Williams' show has been a mainstay of the airwaves for many years. Over time, he has balanced the tendency to play upon sensationalist topics, much like other hosts, with a direct and sober style of interviewing that brings the whole process back down to Earth. And then, he made psychic Sylvia Browne a regular on the show.

    That sound you hear is credibility going out the window.

    Browne sits there and spouts 'miraculous' answers for the crowd, appearing to zero in with specific knowledge as soon as each person pops up. It's when she pretends to know what happened to crime victims that your lunch may pay you another visit. How people can find this credible is beyond me; how Williams, an otherwise intelligent and dedicated person, can accept this drivel time in and time out, just to increase ratings, is beyond absurd.

    When his show started out, it was different. As long as money comes before integtrity, however, Williams sadly will be lumped in with the other outposts of mediocrity.
  • Montel Williams show is one of the best.Very interesting TV talk shows.

    I like to watch Montel's shows.He has some very good shows on.I especially like it on Wednesday's when Sylvia is on.I always find her very interesting.She knows alot about things and Montel has her on every Wednesday.I just hate that they switched him from the afternoon and put him on of a morning.I liked it better when it was on in the afternoon.
    He has some very interesting guess on his program.I he tells it like it is.He gets very upset at some of his guests that he has on.The ones that does not stand up for what they believe in.He is always trying to help people.
  • hurt and killed by a drunk driver

    on march 12 2006 tammy was killed by a drunk driver and cherie was hurt.the guy who killed tammy and hurt cherie only got 40 days on house arest and 18 months probation and a fine i think we the family got unfair justice.his life will go on but tammy please help name is glenda
  • is this show still on?

    is this show even still on? i know it is syndicated, i have a job so i do not get to watch much tv during the week day, but i have not seen this show in at least seven or eight years. last i heard montel got busted for pot possesion at an airport.
  • Some decent info from time to time but please stop with the Wednesday "psychic"

    The guy seems pretty sincere about wanting to provide some valuable info that some people might not get anywhere else - because I doubt that there are many readers in his audience.

    The show is pretty much like all the other talk shows but this guy at least listens to the answers his guests provide. He can get preachy at times but at least he's not obnoxious about it. Another good thing is that he also is not nearly as unbearable as Winfrey.

    And that Sylvia Browne has got to go. I do not believe in psychics and she is a wasted day.

    One very annoying thing about Montel is those two earrings. I wish he would lose them. How can he imagine that improves his appearance in any way?

  • Montel Williams gives an awesome show in which serious topics are discussed. This show gives guests a chance to tell their story to ensure that what they have experienced doesn't happen to anyone else. Psychic Sylvia Browne is a frequent guest.

    I have always really liked this show because it is not like other talk shows that are out today. This show has lasted, and the host is the reason for it. He does not do paternity tests, instead he invites high ranking politicans on the show to discuss ways that we as a people can improve this country. He is also a veteran of the Vietnam War, and also suffers from MS, a disease that can cause serious damage, and he is an advocate for finding a cure.
  • Montel Williams and telling it like it is.

    I love watching Montell over the others because he doesn't waist his time dancing around trying to promote hisself. He expresses his opinion and allows others to express as well. When something important comes up he seems very sincere and keeps an open mind. He actually acts like he cares in trying to get to the bottom of things.
  • Legalizing Prostitution, the only Rational thing to do about it.


    Your program about legalizing prostitution was incredible.
    Too bad you didn’t point out the fact that criminalizing prostitution is Irrational.
    Irrational.....hello.....does anybody understand what irrational means? Mostly not.
    Irrational means that it’s against human survival.

    Criminalizing prostitution creates a “huge negative effect” on human creates a whole new society of “Criminals” because they now have to conduct human business in the “Black-market”.

    The word black-market is little understood. Most people think of it as one word with a simple definition: to buy something illegal.
    But “Black-market” actually represents a world.......a “World of Negative Reality” where the possibility of acquiring a deadly sexual disease is high.
    Another “Negative Reality” caused by criminalizing a normal act between two people is that too many times, either the prostitute or the client gets ripped off or worse.
    Each year, many hundreds of young women’s lives are ended simply because the “Negative Reality” of the “black-market” makes a prostitute an easy target for fraud, rape and or death.

    If prostitution were to be would change the whole face of would be able to get as much sex as they could afford and there would be fewer testosterone power struggles.

    There would be less physical aggression and aggravated crime, in the world by men because now men would be expending their extra sexual energy into legal prostitution.

    It would also lead to fewer unwanted pregnancies, and fewer wars.
    What is so bad about that?
    The black-market in sex is a very negative and destructive world.

    People having sex for nothing in exchange is Irrational.

    People having sex for love or money is Rational.

    People having safe, rational, sex for either love or money is Okay. It's moral. It contributes to rational, positive and creative human existence.

    Both parties to prostitution benefit. The customer buys sexual pleasure in a safe, positive rational manner and the prostitute sells sex in a safe, positive, and rational manner.

    People are crazed with sexual desires, is pleasurable. We should conduct ourselves in a rational, positive and creative manner when dealing with either free sex, married sex or paid sex.
    To legalize prostitution would be the only smart, rational thing to do.

    Prostitution is not a violent or destructive action in itself.
    It’s a normal rational business transaction done between two adults who choose to do it on their own free will.

    Thank goodness for people like you....Montel.


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