The Montel Williams Show

Season 17 Episode 78


Aired Weekdays 3:00 PM Apr 24, 2008 on

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  • saving karli on montel:this show was rockin! karli is a girl who really wants to change and get help for her problems.i'm surprised that a girl like her could get caught up in all that trouble but i guess if you are sad things like that can happen.

    saving karli on montel:okay, first off, karli and her mom kelly are smokin HOT! I mean karli looks like britney spears and kelly looks like her sister not her mom! they could both be stuff.seriously though- this show had me hooked.i can't believe that karli went through those things. her mom was so stressed. the story really affected montel. he cried for karli! that surprised me! you could tell that montel really liked karli and kelly . i wish i could follow karli's recovery. she's the type of girl that you won't forget. you can tell that she is sweet. awesome show all around!
  • Karli is like this BEAUTIFUL young lady who ended up with depression and started taking drugs to make her feel happy.

    WOW!!!! What an amazing show! The best I've watched in a long time!!! Hearing this story had me on the edge of my seat for the whole hour! That poor sweet girl Karli has been through terrible experiences. It really looks like her mom has gone the distance to help her. You can tell that Karli and Kelly really love each other.( I wish my mom and I were like that!)You can also tell that Karli has a really good sense of humor. She's adorable! I am really cheering for Karli to recover fully. I wish I knew there would be another update. I found this show fascinating!