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  • 11/11/08 Show with Susan Powter

    I started watching this show a couple months ago, as it comes on right after the morning news. I have kept it on, so I have enjoyed the show and it's topics, for the most part, up until today. I did not care for Susan Powter and Mike coming right out and saying something negative about Dr. Phil, when he is helping people get control of their weight, as well. She has helped many and she looks great, but so has he and that was really catty and uncalled for. Does she have a problem with the competition? He looks in good shape to me...better than alot of people, and he helps many people, whether you like him or not. Very disappointing and totally class-less to hear them put another talk show host down in that way. Also, I don't care what's now considered politically correct, for Mike to come right out and say to Susan, "I didn't know you were a lesbian", was just disgusting. Do they not understand that there may be small children in the room and since the show is not rated, or rated in the good catagory, that this is unexpected to people and unwelcme, at that? Then they go on and on about it, who she's with now, that she's been married in the past, etc., etc., when it should not even have come up. I'll continue watching...this was the first show that I didn't care for, but I hope not to hear them put anybody down like that again.
  • Your topic today of teens and casual sex was completely inappropriate.

    I happened to catch a bit of the show today (7/25/08) and I just wanted to let you know that I believe that the topic of teens and casual sex was completely inappropriate. I am a Christian and I was ashamed to watch your show today and see that you were telling teens as well as any of your viewers that it was okay to have sex outside of marriage. Let me be clear... God created the universe and everything in it. Therefore, He created sex. He says in His word that sex is only to be had after marriage. Marriage being between one man and one woman. My question is this: If God CREATED us, humans, shouldn't we listen to Him and abide by His word? It truly saddens me to see and hear you tear down the young lady that stood up and said that she will not have sex until she is married. I would just like to say that I support her in her abstinence. As a 26 year old woman, I waited to have sex until I was married (last fall). My husband was also a virgin. God created sex as a gift to be shared between a husband and wife. The commandments that God has set forth in His word for us to follow are to allow us to live life to our fullest so that we might have more. No one is perfect, God understands that and so He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins so that through Him we might be saved and have eternal life. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will be praying for you and the staff at your show.

    Sincerely, Meg Magsig
  • Such an informative show of everyday topics on the news and problems that each family faces. I learn so very much info., and consider it a must see as a personal favorite.

    I am very interested in contacting the young man that was on today's show (Jan. 31st.) in regards to prescription drug abuse among teens. I believe his name is Bobby Woodworth. ? mark on the last name. He would be such a model for a family member of mine. Any advice and info. would be most helpful. Great Show! I believe Mike and Juliet ask just the right questions that need answering and their guest of Dr's, etc. are terrific. They and their producers do such a great job. Thank's for a great show. Anticipating to hear from you!
  • Saw the 11-20-2007 show this morning with a segment on MEDICAL MARIJUANA.

    Saw the 11-20-2007 show this morning with a segment on MEDICAL MARIJUANA. This is a rarety, the interview was not the smarmy "dangers of killer weed" crap that is generally foisted on the public. Its difficult to cover the topic of drugs in our intrusive/judgemental society. Bravo. Marijuana is a potential medicine, but it is also in a league with beer! It is currently abused in our society because it is illegal and is used as a form of criminal currency. Mike and Juliet gave it a proper focus in its use as a medicine. The evidence for its painkilling use is anecdotal and it seems Europe is far ahead of us in rcognizing this.
  • I really enjoy the Morning show with Mike and Juliette (sp??). The have interesting guests and subjects, and they are so funny. A big fan, Vickie from Jacksonvillel, FL A big fan,

    I love it, the guests and topics are very interesting. Mike and Juliette make a good team, they work well together, and I really enjoy watching them. They are funny and I like that, it keeps the show light, and not too serious. I used to watch them on FOX news in the afternoons, and was so disappointed that they took them off, so I was very excited when I learned they would be showing in Jacksonville this fall.

    I would like to know if they have any plans to be in Jacksonville, FL, I would love to meet them. I hear them talking about being in different cities, is there a schedule somewhere I can look up? Where can I find out where Mike is from? I hope they are a success and do not get cancelled.

    Vickie M.
  • How much we love Mike and Juliet's new show.

    These two are like magic together.My husband and I watched them on Fox News everyday and fell in love with their chemistry. We didn't know what had happened to them when we tuned in and they were gone from Fox. Just last week as I was scanning channels I saw the show and was so excited I called my husband at work. We now never miss their show. We hope they have much success with this new show and stay on for a long time. Juliet is such a sweatheart,we love her to death. Mike is wild and crazy. Thankyou for providing us with such a wonderful talk show.

    Ray and Karen Hoover
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