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  • Your topic today of teens and casual sex was completely inappropriate.

    I happened to catch a bit of the show today (7/25/08) and I just wanted to let you know that I believe that the topic of teens and casual sex was completely inappropriate. I am a Christian and I was ashamed to watch your show today and see that you were telling teens as well as any of your viewers that it was okay to have sex outside of marriage. Let me be clear... God created the universe and everything in it. Therefore, He created sex. He says in His word that sex is only to be had after marriage. Marriage being between one man and one woman. My question is this: If God CREATED us, humans, shouldn't we listen to Him and abide by His word? It truly saddens me to see and hear you tear down the young lady that stood up and said that she will not have sex until she is married. I would just like to say that I support her in her abstinence. As a 26 year old woman, I waited to have sex until I was married (last fall). My husband was also a virgin. God created sex as a gift to be shared between a husband and wife. The commandments that God has set forth in His word for us to follow are to allow us to live life to our fullest so that we might have more. No one is perfect, God understands that and so He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins so that through Him we might be saved and have eternal life. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will be praying for you and the staff at your show.

    Sincerely, Meg Magsig