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  • 11/11/08 Show with Susan Powter

    I started watching this show a couple months ago, as it comes on right after the morning news. I have kept it on, so I have enjoyed the show and it's topics, for the most part, up until today. I did not care for Susan Powter and Mike coming right out and saying something negative about Dr. Phil, when he is helping people get control of their weight, as well. She has helped many and she looks great, but so has he and that was really catty and uncalled for. Does she have a problem with the competition? He looks in good shape to me...better than alot of people, and he helps many people, whether you like him or not. Very disappointing and totally class-less to hear them put another talk show host down in that way. Also, I don't care what's now considered politically correct, for Mike to come right out and say to Susan, "I didn't know you were a lesbian", was just disgusting. Do they not understand that there may be small children in the room and since the show is not rated, or rated in the good catagory, that this is unexpected to people and unwelcme, at that? Then they go on and on about it, who she's with now, that she's been married in the past, etc., etc., when it should not even have come up. I'll continue watching...this was the first show that I didn't care for, but I hope not to hear them put anybody down like that again.