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The Most Extreme
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AIRED ON 5/29/2007

Season 5 : Episode 10

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Made by Natural History New Zealand, this series showcases the world's most extreme animals, in various categories such as speed or stinkiness, in a top-ten countdown format.

I've seen an animal on the show rank number 1 in jumping, but only able to jump a couple of feet - what's that about? Most everything on the show is body sized porportioned.

Can I nominate an animal for the show? No, sorry, you can not.

Can I be on this show? Most of the show is computer animated or animals recorded in their natural habitat so, no.

Are humans ever ranked on the show? Yes, they are sometimes compared to all the other animals

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  • Another Animal Planet Classic

    This was another show that was around in the golden days of Animal Planet, where the channel was actually educational. This show categorizes animals and teaches viewers about their abilities and traits, which can give you an idea of how strong a shark's bite is or how bad a skunk's spray smells. A very educational show and fun to watch.
  • Utterly fantastic, amazing and mind boggling

    Great animal show for just about all ages in virtually all areas such as sense, smarts, jumping, travel, collectors/hoarders, battle of the sexes, speed, and much more. A quick, easy and entertaining way to learn about various creatures great and small within a specific area of interest. In fact quite a few animals were covered/featured which proved that not a certain area wasn't just for birds, reptiles, fish, rodents, know a show rock when you're glued to it and seeking the next one.

    The show features the top 10 contestants counting down to the most extreme (winner). 3-D animations are created to better illustrate and explain concepts such as size and anatomy in even better detail. However, on occasion I or some other avid animal expert has to disagree/mention a better contestant. Still not many shows can compete with this. One of the best Animal Planet shows ever, and especially during their prime.moreless
  • Great show for kids teens and adults to learn about animals

    This is a great she for learning about animals, I learned alot from this show and I didn't watch it for a long time and I really want to see it again and I really like how they do the top 10 animals of a certain subject like animals that are the loudest in the world, me and my sister watched this all the time when we were younger but now we know it's still on so we hope we can watch it againmoreless
  • I really like this show, but i don,t watch it in animal planet because i don,t understand english very good, i have my language channel i watch it in TV1 .I really like it because my favorite thing is animals, but not only for that.Best show ever.moreless

    I like it because i want to know many things about animals, i watch it always but not at saturday and sunday.Nice very nice but not the best,i don,t know the other show that could b better than this show The Most Extreme, the one word i need to say ...........I love this show!My favorite.I love to see this show,this show makes me normal and smarter i love it.I love it! 2001 Times.I am felling no mood watching this show.I love this show! 2001 Times.I have a animal encyclopedia.I love this best best best of my life best best of my life.moreless
  • Most extreme shows one of the great abilities of our animal friends that we shouldn't underestimate.

    I love the way they use cartoons to show an animal, especially the Technicolor ones

    From Diggers, to appendages, to Divers etc.

    Most extreme even shows some animals that I didn't know that they even existed. Especially that cookie cutter fish, so mysterious and awesome at the same time!

    I also love the way they rank them, it's like a song countdown, only it lasts longer. and that "naked guy" kinda strange, but it only shows what if we are that animal etc. etc.

    I love this show so much I'll give it a infinity/10.0

    I hope that rating is possible^^ The most extreme rocks!moreless
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