The Most Extreme

Season 4 Episode 8

Fashion Disasters

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 14, 2006 on Animal Planet



  • Trivia

    • Top 10 Fashion Disasters:

      1.Deer - Their antlers (mainly, moose antlers), when interlocked, can bring targets to predators and/or death to each other.

      2. Babirusa (male) - Their upper tusks can go through their skull.

      3. Sage Grouse (male) - The male's air sacs attracted not only females, but, also eagles!

      4. Guppy (male) - Their bright colors and spots attracted females and predators.

      5. Lion (male) - The darker the mane, the more females he attracts, but the higher the chance he can overheat.

      6. Bengal Tiger white variation - All of the white Bengals lived in captivity.

      7. Peafowl (male) - The larger the tail feathers, the worse they fly, and the easier the target for predators.

      8. Fiddler Crab (male) - It's hard to escape from danger when you have an arm five times bigger than the other!

      9. Porcupine - Their needles can stick themselves.   

      10. Lake Titicaca Frog - It isn't built to stay outside of water for long.