The Most Extreme

Tuesday 8:00 PM on Animal Planet Premiered Jul 07, 2002 In Season


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  • Another Animal Planet Classic

    This was another show that was around in the golden days of Animal Planet, where the channel was actually educational. This show categorizes animals and teaches viewers about their abilities and traits, which can give you an idea of how strong a shark's bite is or how bad a skunk's spray smells. A very educational show and fun to watch.
  • Utterly fantastic, amazing and mind boggling

    Great animal show for just about all ages in virtually all areas such as sense, smarts, jumping, travel, collectors/hoarders, battle of the sexes, speed, and much more. A quick, easy and entertaining way to learn about various creatures great and small within a specific area of interest. In fact quite a few animals were covered/featured which proved that not a certain area wasn't just for birds, reptiles, fish, rodents, know a show rock when you're glued to it and seeking the next one.

    The show features the top 10 contestants counting down to the most extreme (winner). 3-D animations are created to better illustrate and explain concepts such as size and anatomy in even better detail. However, on occasion I or some other avid animal expert has to disagree/mention a better contestant. Still not many shows can compete with this. One of the best Animal Planet shows ever, and especially during their prime.
  • Great show for kids teens and adults to learn about animals

    This is a great she for learning about animals, I learned alot from this show and I didn't watch it for a long time and I really want to see it again and I really like how they do the top 10 animals of a certain subject like animals that are the loudest in the world, me and my sister watched this all the time when we were younger but now we know it's still on so we hope we can watch it again
  • I really like this show, but i don,t watch it in animal planet because i don,t understand english very good, i have my language channel i watch it in TV1 .I really like it because my favorite thing is animals, but not only for that.Best show ever.

    I like it because i want to know many things about animals, i watch it always but not at saturday and sunday.Nice very nice but not the best,i don,t know the other show that could b better than this show The Most Extreme, the one word i need to say ...........I love this show!My favorite.I love to see this show,this show makes me normal and smarter i love it.I love it! 2001 Times.I am felling no mood watching this show.I love this show! 2001 Times.I have a animal encyclopedia.I love this best best best of my life best best of my life.
  • Most extreme shows one of the great abilities of our animal friends that we shouldn't underestimate.

    I love the way they use cartoons to show an animal, especially the Technicolor ones

    From Diggers, to appendages, to Divers etc.

    Most extreme even shows some animals that I didn't know that they even existed. Especially that cookie cutter fish, so mysterious and awesome at the same time!

    I also love the way they rank them, it's like a song countdown, only it lasts longer. and that "naked guy" kinda strange, but it only shows what if we are that animal etc. etc.

    I love this show so much I'll give it a infinity/10.0
    I hope that rating is possible^^ The most extreme rocks!
  • The Most Extreme shows our planet's most EXTREME animals by categories ranging from biggest to fastest to weirdest to smallest to slowest!

    The Most Extreme is a one-of-a-kind show!(The Most Extreme shows our planet's most EXTREME animals by categories ranging from biggest to fastest to weirdest to smallest to slowest!) I love watching it because I love animals and love to learn as many things about them as possible!The Most Extreme states a category(different for each episode)and shows the top ten comtestants.It starts at ten and ends at one!Some weird categories were the slimiest, the highest jumpers, the biggest eaters, the fastest etc...They show you the animal in action and explain what it would be like if we were that animal.For example a vampire bat drinks a lot of blood- as much as if we were to drink a bathful of water!!!The Most Extreme is a very interesting and informativeshow.I recommend everyone or anyone to watch it.It's for all ages!!!!!!
  • An awesome show!

    This show is great. It doesn't only teach you stuff about the animal kingdom, but it's also very, very entertaining (unlike most other documentaries).
    The Most Extreme won't only give you interesting facts about animals, but will also compare them to the human beings. You will leterally be unable to change the channel. You can't watch number 7 and don't get to number 1!
    This show will probably be fun even to those who would only watch a documentary if someone gave them some money.
    I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn and have fun at the same time! !
  • I love shows like this.

    These kind of shows are good to watch on tv and keep you glued to your seat. Very interesting to learn about animals and watch them compete on different topics every episode. The top 10 Hissy Fits is my favorite episode. I love this show and they should never take it off air. It has lots of chances to stay on air becuase of how many people like it. This show beats all the other shows on Animal Planet. It is very educational and fun to watch, so you you that you're getting educated. Thats the part I like about it.
  • Educational

    You know what I like about this show?It's the fact that it's educational, but yet it's not boring. The show is actually pretty fun and interesting, and you learn a lot from it. The animals that you think would be the most extreme end up usually being a higher number higher than you thought like 6 or 8. You end up asking yourself, "what could possibly be more extreme than that?" And when they finally get to number, it's usually an animal that you never even heard of, well that's how it is for me. You learn something everyday from this show, and yet, feel very satisfied in the end.
  • A very educational show, the episodes coming!

    A very nice show, I hope that it will be on for years, the first episode I ever saw was blood suckers and I just was stuck to the show and couldn't stop watching. After a few more episode, it became my favorite Animal planet show! It has taught me so much, and I learned so much about animals I never know existed! Sea squirts, cone-snail, the differences between a male and a female angler fish, and that clown fish are first girls and turn into boys. The most amazing thing was whip wail lizards. Wow, no more boy Whip-tails?
  • This show has a countdown of animals based on the topic.

    I love animals, and this show allows me to see some of my favorites--and even those I'm not so fond of. Each episode has a different subject for the countdown, and the animals are announced along with some information about them.
    I enjoy this show because I learn a lot about a variety of animals. Also, I find this show to be entertaining. The information on the animals isn't displayed in a boring, educational manner. It's told to make the viewers want to stay and see what else will be said.
  • Really interesting and educational

    When I first saw this I thought it was gonna be another really confusing and nerdy show,But when I started see it a couple a times it got more eaiser to understand.Who would of thought the Rhinoceros Beetle is one of the strongest animals.I really like it when they compared they animals with humans.This is the only educational show i really watch.
  • I hate spiders.

    Big, creepy things, shadowy things that fly, evil critters that live in goo-- if it's out there, and it looks nasty, eventually it'll be on this show, being hyped as the biggest or fastest something or other, in a countdown of bizarreness and pain.

    By the show's name, you can figure out that every newcomer to the chart will be highly talented at some garish aspect of survival. Biggest nest, fastest flight, long jumpers, and for some reason, spiders in almost every one of them. It is necessary to make science education accessible and enjoyable for the younger demographic, at which this series is aimed. However, when this is done in a hollow and sensationalist fashion, as we see here, you don't actually learn much. To really find out more about nature, you'd be much better off taking your kids for a hike in the woods, on a trip to a museum or library, or watching a full-length documentary with them. They'll get the whole story. And hopefully, there won't be as many spiders.
  • The best countdown show on TV

    How sick are you of those ridiculous countdown shows on VH1 or Entertainment TV? You know the ones, that count down the 100 worst plastic surgeries, or the top ten leading men who are actually gay. Well, if you're as tired of these non-sensical, brainless programs as I am, try "The Most Extreme". You don't even have to love animals, though it wouldn't hurt. It's informative, funny, creative, and quite shocking at times, like the number one reproducer, the tapeworm, which lives in our intestines and can grow to 75 feet! Yes, there can be "ewww" moments, so it's not for the extremely faint of heart.
  • A must-see for ANYONE who loves animals!

    The Most Extreme is personally my favorite show. It's a countdown show with the top 10 Most Extreme animals and, according to the episode title, is the field that they compete in. The show also shows how humans compare with some of the animals in the countdown. There are many great episodes, and my personal favorite is Fashion Disasters, which proves that chosing style over substance can lead to lethal consequences in the animal kingdom. Some of my other favorites were Gourmets, Wierd Weapons, Gross Outs, Oddities, Battle of the Sexes, just to name a few. Discover for yourself that it's simply no contest when the animal kingdom gets taken to The Most Extreme.
  • The Most Extreme is the most extreme in animals!

    If you totally love animals and you really want to see if you favorite animal can reach alteast into the top 10 of 1 catagory of the Most Extreme, then this show is the show for you! My favorite animal is the giraffe, and I think it is in the top 10 of this show, but I forgot what was so special about it! Anyway, if you like sharks, insects or other wierd animals and you want to see what is the most extreme of different catagorys, watch this show! Some is cool, wierd, and funny, so if you change the channel right when the show was on you have to "go back!" and say to your self "what was that?" and watch until the end! This show is Extreme!
  • I really like this show. I know more about animals then I never thought i would ever know.

    I really think this show is really educational. Well if you like and want to know more about animals. But people need to know the amazing things animals can do. I think the most amazing animal is the octopus. I don\'t know why I just think that they are very amazing. and this show is amazing too
  • The Most Extreme is extreme!

    I just love this! It's exciting to find out the #1 animal in each animal category. Well I'm suprised the number 1 transformer was (beep). Wow, things are extreme on this show of extremes. My Dad loves this, my friend loves this, and I love it too! Watch this to find out the most extreme animal of those categories!
  • My sister is a fan of this show. I also love it.

    The Most Extreme is one-of-a-kind. It informs viewers of the most extreme animals in various categories. For example, the most extreme hissy fits. My 5-year-old sister loves this show, and I have taken a liking to it. My favorite episode is the one about killer cats. You won\'t believe what number one is. I won\'t tell you, but you won\'t believe it. Shows like these are informative, and really cool. There are categories you won\'t believe. And it\'s always exciting to see which one is number one, or \"the most extreme\" whatever. I like seeing number one since it is always very exciting. This show is informative, and wonderful, and I recommend it to anybody who loves animals.
  • I like extreme things and I like lists. And when they come together, I blow a extremey load!

    I'm a sucker for strange things and knowing a bunch of useless information. I would go as far to say that I am a pioneer of knowing a bunch of useless information. If you like knowing weird things about weird things like I do, I highly recommend this show. Happy watching!
  • Really REALLY informative

    This show just tells you about an animal and which ones are the most extreme in one catergory. This show compares humans to animals. It shows what would happen if we had the features and abilities of animals. I really like this show and it is extremely informative so watch it.
  • Yep. Veeeeeery informative.

    I like this show, and I watch it when I can. Aaah, nothing like good, wholesome television that tells you the wierd and wonderful about any animal you could imagine and some you didn't even know existed. My favourite is the The Most Extreme Nightmares, and when they showed that one fish that lives in the Amazon River, you should have seen my eyes. They were like dinner plates.
  • One of a kind.

    I like this show because it is one of only educational shows left on animal planet, or discovery channel. What has happened to these channels, i remember when they would have something abuot some dead guy from the seventeenth century, or about the bears in some other county, something like that anyway. The point is that now all they have on is "Trading Spaces" and all though other stupid remodeling shows. And animal planet, all they have
    is "Animal Cops" and "Venum ER" and that new show Daisy somthing, what ever happened to all those educational shows? Okay maybe they where a littel boring but at least you learned something like you do with "The Most Extream".

    Thank you for reading my review of "The Most Extream"
  • A very informative one-hour long program that leaves you in amazement and with new thing to think about.

    The Most Extreme is a "countdown"-baseed show in which each of its episodes tally the top ten animals (excluding humans) belonging to a category, ranging from most extreme jumper to most extrme births. As a side elements, the show will often tell us something that humans have achieved in the field. For example, in the most extreme eaters, a man named Whatshisface Whogivesadamn ate the most pies in one minute and so on.

    The main reason I enjoy watching this program is because it is vvery informative. I love animals, and in every episode, it has taught me a handful of stuff like facts and necessary knowledge for the future. And who knows? This knowledge might come in handy for you one day, and it will be the Most Extreme you'll be grateful to.

    The Most Extreme is indeed one of Animal Planet's finest shows. Unique sequences and footage, it has left me in so much amazement when they revealed the number one animal, I was in total disbelief. But nonetheless, it's a fact, and I have to learn from it.
  • A countdown of the top 10 most extreme animals in a specific field?

    Ever wonder what the fastest animal on earth is? Or the smartest? Or the most capable of surviving? Me neither, but The Most Extreme tells you anyway. The show mentions what the countdown is about (i.e. top 10 hunters) During the show, you are shown live pictures of the creature in action doing what they're meant to do in the countdown. From time to time during the countdown, you are shown CGI images of what a human would look like or need to be able to do the same thing the animal can do. Most scales are measured in proportion to the size, shape, weight, etc. of the animal. To the animal lover or studier, or someone just interested in learning about animals, this show is a must see!
  • The Most Extreme is the greatest show on Animal Planet.

    The most Extreme (TME) is a show that tells you the most extreme animals in the world.Like the most extreme Blod suckers,biters, mothers, fathers, toughest, fastest, poisenes, gorsest, and much much more! TME has explanaions for why they are that number in the list. TME has a list of 10 animals and it counts off from 10 (being the lousyest) to 1 (being the most extreme in the whole world). TME may suprise you, as the animals the say are the most common animals you would never think would be the greatest in the world. for instance: When your watching TME blood suckers the Flea is number 2! That is stange. Well TME deserves a 10/10!