The Mothers-In-Law

Season 1 Episode 30

How Not to Manage a Rock Group

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 28, 1968 on NBC

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  • Last episode of Season One is a real treat, with the great 1960s band The Seeds.

    While I cannot truthfully say I\\\'ve seen the entire episode, the 10 minute portion that I have seen is very funny and, of course, has the incredible 1960s band The Seeds in it. They portray The Warts, a band that the kids want to manage. The Seeds\\\' great \\\"Pushin\\\' Too Hard\\\" is performed, and is simply incredible. Singer Sky Saxon is a terrific frontman. The adults try to steer the group into a more traditional sound, offering some silly novelty tunes, and creating some big laughs. It all ends with the adults doing \\\"Some Enchanted Evening\\\", oom Pa Pa style. Extremely corny and very amusing, with the rockers joining in. It must have actually influenced their music, because on the band\\\'s underrated 1967 LP \\\"Future\\\", they actually use a tuba in a couple of songs. Let\\\'s hope this equally underrated series gets a DVD release sometime in the future.