The Moto: Inside The Outdoors - Season 3

Wednesday 8:00 PM on Fuel TV Premiered Feb 17, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • 11/28/11
    With the 450 class Outdoor Championship on the line, Ryan Dungey takes on Ryan Villopoto and his 14 point lead at Pala Raceway. After a win in moto one, Villopoto only needs a top 15 moto finish to secure his first Outdoor Championship. The race was close but Dungey comes up just short after Villopoto is able to win the 450 Class Championship. The fastest man on earth adds another championship to his legacy, but he didn't do it alone. Pro Circuit owner Mitch Payton has a lot to do with his success.moreless
  • Steel City National
    Episode 11
    In the most dramatic moto of the year, Ryan Villopoto beats Ryan Dungey for the win on the last corner of the race. The two were 1-2 the entire race, being only a few bike lengths a part. One small mistake by Dungey on the last corner causes the hard-charging Villopoto to slide past at the last second and narrowly cross the finish line before Dungey. In the 250 class, Dean Wilson wins Moto 1 and has a chance to clinch the over championship with a win in Moto 2. He calls his parents and asks if they want him to wait and clinch it next week with them at the race. They say no and Dean goes out and rides to a moto 2 win, clinching the championship.moreless
  • Southwick National
    Episode 10
    After a disastrous 2010 Southwick campaign, Brett Metcalfe returns triumphantly in 2011. With his father, who has not seen Brett race in three attendance, Metcalfe wins his first overall. The emotional win is long overdue for the talented veteran.
  • Unadilla National
    Episode 9
    Off-the-track family distractions coupled with poor performances with the underpowered 350CC KTM bike have left Andrew Short with a season to forget. Short’s heart is heavy with his baby boy’s cataracts. Short remains positive and excited to ride each weekend. His season comes to an end after breaking both his elbows and wrists while testing a new bike for KTM. Tyla Rattray looks to eliminate mistakes and take back the 250 championship points but an early lap crash knocks Tyla out of the race. His chances for a championship are gone with the DNF. Ryan Dungey looks to make up some ground on Ryan Villopoto but is tested early and often with old 250 rival and new 450cc rider Justin Barcia. The frustrating experience gets the best of Dungey.moreless
  • Washougal National
    Episode 8
    Former 250 West Coast Lites Champion Jake Weimer deals with living in the shadow of Ryan Villopoto. Through the first half of the season, Weimer is having a season to forget. Averaging 10th place, Weimer is hoping things turn around quick as the consistent losing is wearing on him.Another former 250 champion Trey Canard is back. After a strong outing last week, fan favorite Canard looks to capitalize on the momentum of his third place finish. The oft-injured Canard is hoping to finish strong but his season ends just as quick as it started. Canard goes down and breaks his leg for the third time, ending his season. Both men hold on to the dream and continue to believe things will get better despite the world crumbling around them.moreless
  • 10/24/11
    The racing world lost one of its own last week at Redbud. Josh Lichtle passed away from heat stroke complications. He was 23 years old. After a dominate performance in 450 Moto 1 Chad Reed looks to take the 1-1 at Spring Creek. But his plans are dashed in 450 Moto 2, when Reed is involved in one the most spectacular crashes Motocross has seen in a long time. The ever-resilient Reed, gets up and finishes the race to retain his overall championship point lead. Ryan Dungey, feeling the pressure to perform at his hometown track delivers. After rounds of being bullied by Reed and Villopoto, Dungey finally gets tough and knocks Villopoto around to win the 450 Moto 2 and the overall at his hometown track in Millville, MN.moreless
  • Red Bud National
    Episode 6
    The battle for first in the 250 class rages on as Dean Wilson, Tyla Rattry, and Blake Baggett go blow for blow in the both motos. The extremely focused Blake Baggett takes on his Pro Circuit teammates and rivals, Dean Wilson and Tyla Rattray at Red Bud. Blake and Tyla have employed the services of motocross super trainer, Aldon Baker. Meanwhile, the self-motivated Dean Wilson trains on his own.moreless
  • 10/10/11
    Coming off a Supercross championship, Broc Trickle looks to prove his detractors wrong. His accomplishments remain in shadows with his relative unknown status and poor start but Tickle looks to Budd’s Creek to begin claiming his stake in the Motocross world. Unfortunately, Tickle’s validation will have to wait another week with a poor outing.moreless
  • 10/3/11
    Coming off a Supercross championship, Brock Trickle looks to prove his detractors wrong. His accomplishments remain in shadows with his relative unknown status and poor start but Tickle looks to Budd’s Creek to begin claiming his stake in the Motocross world. Unfortunately, Tickle’s validation will have to wait another week with a poor outing. After a dominant performance in Texas and a 2nd place finish in High Point, Tyla Rattray takes his 1st over all red plate into the sweltering heat and deep ruts of Budds Creek. With the love and support of his Step-Father and Mechanic Wayne Lumgair, Rattray is posed to run away with the 250 class championship. Not if fellow Pro Circuit teammates Blake Baggatt and Dean Wilson have anything to say about it. With a baby at home waiting for her daddy to return, Rattray knows no matter the outcome of the race he is happy. No disappointments for Rattray, he wins the overall at Budd’s creek. Fan favorite and Motocross veteran, Kevin Windham participates in his final race, as a last minute replacement for an injured rider. Despite Windham’s age and beat up body he continues to hang in the top 5 with the young guns. Despite his Wife’s reservations Windham doesn’t think this will be his last race. In the end Chad Reed wins the overall for the 450 class to maintain his championship push.moreless
  • 9/26/11
    After a crash that left Mike Alessi sitting out the first two rounds, number 800 looks to comeback strong at High Point. The championship being out of reach before Alessi's season begins, the year is no less important for him as it's a contract year. With his family by his side, Alessi looks to make some waves and prove what his family already knows, he's a winner. His hopes are quickly dashed after a crash in practice injures his shoulder. With stress mounting and Allisi not performing up to the high standards of his manager/father, the two have a falling out. The melt-down brings up some serious doubt if Alessi will ever ride again after the season. On the other side of the coin, Eli Tomac and family are as tight as can be. With a family pedigree for success and the unconditional love and support, Tomac looks to bring home a championship. To do so, Tomac has been training with holeshot expert and KTM rider, Andrew Short, to improve his starts. The two riders form a strong bond that carries beyond riding styles into a friendship. After a disastrous week in Texas, Blake Baggett rebounds beautifully with a first place finish in both 250 Moto's to take the over all win. Meanwhile, after a less than stellar holeshot, Tomac fights his way to a respectable third place finish that his parents could not be more pleased about. In the 450 moto's, Alessi surprises many with fifth place, a solid finish that will surly go a long way to earning a new contract as well as bringing him and his father closer. Chad Reed keeps the good times rolling with a dominant win over rival Ryan Dungee.moreless
  • Freestone National
    Episode 2
    Ryan Villopoto looks to add the missing piece of the championship puzzle and hopes trainer Aldon Baker is that piece. With Baker's aggressive training style, rigorous schedule, and lofty conditions standards, Villopoto looks to take the next step and win the 450cc championship. Villopoto struggles in round one and looks to rebound in the upcoming race at Firestone in Texas. Pro Circuit, Monster, Kawasaki partner, Blake Baggett looks to prove himself to the motocross world. Baggett's rookie season came to a crashing halt after a season ending injury. As an underdog, Baggett showed his determination with a 2nd place finish after climbing out of the 9th spot twice in Moto 1. Baggett's patience, combined with his tutelage under team Manager Mitch Paton pay off in Moto 2 with a 1st place finish. Baggett looks onto Texas to continue his dominance of the early motocross season but suffers a major let down that threatens his championship aspirations as well as his season. Cagy vet, Chad Reed, out duels Ryan Dungee in the Texas heat to take the 450 outdoor motocross over all win.moreless
  • Hangtown National
    Episode 1
    As the outdoors season gets under way and riders head to Sacramento for the first race, KTM 450 class rider, Mike Alessi, is looking to break his disappointing 2-season injury streak. After putting in impressive practice times and, with his father back on board, Alessi suffers a bad crash and a concussion that has him sitting out the first two races, dashing his hopes for a championship before the season even starts. The drama unfolds with the senior Alessi explaining the hard truth to his son, begging the question, “who’s more upset about the devastating crash… and why?” Last season’s champ in the 450 class, Team Suzuki’s Ryan Dungee, is looking to repeat his performance with a new crew and team leader, after losing mentor, Roger DuCoster, to Alessi and team KTM. After losing to rivals, Chad Reed and Ryan Villopoto in supercross, Dungee battles hard in Sacramento, winning the first moto and placing second in the second moto, only to lose the race to Reed, who won the second and took second to Dungee in the first. The veteran and first time team owner, Reed, is off to a great start, silencing the ney sayers and skeptics with his win. After a short season last year, Chad Reed already has fans wondering if the title will change hands again, or, with Alessi out of the way, will Ryan Dungee dominate again.moreless