The Mountain

Season 1 Episode 6

Best Laid Plans

Aired Unknown Oct 31, 2004 on The WB
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Best Laid Plans
Colin tries to play nice with the Carvers since David has sold him some land on the mountain (which Travis had actually extorted). Colin has breakfast with David and Max, he buys Maria a dress and he invites the Carver brothers to a formal business occasion. All of this irks Will since he knows that Colin and Travis blackmailed David into selling the land.

Will finally finds a way to get back at Colin when he discovers that the land David had sold is completely worthless. He sees the perfect opportunity to humiliate Colin with this information at the formal gathering in front of all his board members.

Michael and Shelly continue to flirt with each other but Shelly soon begins to fear that Michael will grow tired of innocent flirtations and move on. So she decides to take things further by inviting him to spend some time alone with her in a house that Sam has been asked to look after while the owner is away.

Meanwhile, Travis meets a beautiful woman named Vanessa and is instantly attracted to her but he soon finds out that Vanessa is not only Colin's girlfriend but also Max's former friend and sorority sister whom she now hates.moreless

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  • Is revenge even sweeter when it disrupts your brother's love life? In "Best Laid Plans" Will plots to embarrass Colin Downing in front of his Board of Directors, despite the impact his actions will have on his brother, David's, relationship with Max Downimoreless

    Max (Elizabeth Bogush) is angry with David (Oliver Hudson) for leaving her at the masquerade party and walking into the woods with Maria (Alana De La Garza). Colin Downing (Mitch Pileggi) is looking to further cement relations with his new "partners", the Carvers. He invites David to breakfast, which is enough to smoothes over daughter Max's hard feelings toward David. Yeah! Right!

    Gennie (Barbara Hershey), awakes in San Francisco where her flight with F. Robert Chapin (Bobby Hosea) took her. She turns down an invitation to spend the day and returns home.

    Meanwhile Shelly (Tara Thompson) is jogging (reminding us after all that she his is a world class snowboarder) when Michael (Tommy Dewey) offers her a ride in the Downing Limo. Like the dedicated athlete she is, Shelly leaves her training to ride with Michael and join him in verbal repartee. Is she training for trash talking with the stoner competitors on the snowboard circuit?

    Shelly then meets Sam (Penn Badgley), the original destination of her workout and they go to a vacation home he is house sitting. It might just be that WB has teased the scene with Shelly and Michael cavorting in a swimming pool for three weeks but the as Shelly watches Sam enter the security code for the house even for most naive viewer knows that the Shelly and Michael train wreck was headed down the track.

    Colin invites David and Will (Anson Mount) to make a presentation to the Downing Corporation Board of Directors. Will sees an opportunity for revenge. He will embarrass Colin Downing by revealing that the leased land is unstable and thus useless. However, David has promised Max that there will no more lies between them. Will's plan will anger Max and disrupt their relationship. This conflict is the center of the story. David who has to decide whether to back Will's play or be truthful with Max. Colin further infuriates Will by buying Maria an expensive gown for the board meeting and Will true to form takes the bait.

    At the key moment David and Shelly are discovered swimming in only enough to get by the censors and Will and Colin rush off to the police station to bail them out of jail. This gives David an opportunity to alert Max to the problem with the leased land.

    With David's information Max makes a presentation to the Board of directors stating that the leased land will not be used as planned but that the Dawning’s are in it for the long hall as the town is now "our home".

    Uber villain Travis' (Johann Urb) only role in this episode involves the introduction of another character, Max's sorority sister, Vanessa. (Lindsay Price). Travis moves in on her even knowing that she is Colin's mistress.

    As a final twist, Colin reveals to Ginnie that her father had cheated on the poker hand that had won the mountain and that the real winner should have been his father.

    A few random thoughts

    Elizabeth Bogush as Max gives her strongest performance since the pilot especially confronting Vanessa.

    Travis remains a cardboard cutout and does nothing in this episode to justify his presence

    Oliver Hudson almost manages to display some emotion when faced by the conflict between duty to family and affection for Max.

    Maria is little more than arm candy

    Do Ginnie and Colin have a history?


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