The Mountain

Season 1 Episode 12

Blood Money

Aired Unknown Dec 26, 2004 on The WB

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  • Whit is going back to Colorado Springs and he wants to take Shelly with him to continue training. David and Maria receive varying degrees of approval. Scarlett continues to feel insecure about Sam's affections. Michael gets a job as a busboy at Boundary M

    When Max gives a $15,000 check to Michael he tries to get her, learns of Whit's connection to the Dowlings and tells David.

    Michael decides to use the Dowling money to remodel the Rat Shack (the employee dormitory), which draws attention from David and Max.

    This brings Max, Travis, David and Maria together at the Rat Shack where Maria and Max argue followed by a knock down blouse tearing fight.

    Whit tells David that he is leaving and that Shelly wants to be a teenage kid, not a professional snow boarder. Finally Sam, thinking that Shelly is leaving, admits that he loves her distressing Scarlett and elating Shelly.

    "Blood Money" is number 12 of the 13 episodes of "The Mountain" that will air on The WB. As predictable as I find this outcome I still wonder what went wrong with this series. The combination of attractive actors, a glamorous setting and titillating behavior is not that different from successful shows on The WB and FOX. Is this formula getting old or was it just not well executed? Whatever, this series will end with next weeks episode, "Great Expectations," leaving the few fans remaining to wonder who will end up with whom, and are Scarlett and Max pregnant?

    This episode had some possibilities but once again the execution falls short of it's potential. Kaylee Defer (Scarlett) delivered a key line as if she just read it and comes across as unconvincing. Oliver Hudson again is one expression, one emotion. Max and Maria's fight, while entertaining, was poorly staged and for the first time Elizabeth Bogush's (Max) performance fails. Alana De La Garza (Maria) gives a competent performance as her role returns to her soap opera roots. The supporting actors who usually provide some relief suffer from a script, which seems more like a first draft than completed one. This is devastating for a show, which at it's best featured the talents of its supporting characters.
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