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  • Season 1
    • Great Expectations
      Great Expectations
      Episode 13
      Scarlett, Michael, Shelly, and Sam go on a ride to Canada so Scarlett can get the "morning after" pill. It seems that Michael and Shelly were on a date (or at least supposed to) when the other couple asked for help. It seems that there is a problem with getting Shelly and Sam through the border so Scarlett comes up with a plan so all four can go. Will her plan get all of them arrested? Will Sam and Shelly patch things up or will the gap bettwen them widen? At the General Store, David notices that Max bought a pregnancy test. Maria is at the St. George where she seems to be attending a Yoga class which Travis also attends.moreless
    • Blood Money
      Blood Money
      Episode 12
      Sam contemplates telling Shelly how he really feels about her when he learns that she's leaving Boundary.
    • Sacred Things
      Sacred Things
      Episode 11
      Maria has rekindled her romance with David shortly after getting engaged to his brother Will. Maria is torn up inside but decides that David is the one that she wants to be with so she must break things off with Will before things go any further. She plans on telling Will all about David over dinner but finds it difficult when she discovers that her parents are in town to celebrate her engagement. Things don't go any easier for David when Max returns to Boundary and tries to get back together with him. When Max is met with resistance on David's part, she soon realizes what's really going on and makes a decision that could affect everyone. Meanwhile, Michael has also returned to the mountain and decides to finally stand up to his father and speak his mind. Michael comes to the decision that he wants to move out and live life on his own terms. Colin becomes infuriated and cuts Michael off from the family and their fortune.moreless
    • The One You're With
      Shelly is eager to mend her relationship with her father so she begins training with him by her side. Gennie is wary of Whit's intentions for returning to Boundary so she warns him not to get too close to Shelly for fear that she'll only get hurt. Although Gennie's intentions are good, they only help to push Shelly closer to Whit and in turn causes a riff between Gennie and her daughter. After seeing Maria at work, Colin decides to offer her a job in New York. The grand opportunity excites Maria but Will puts a damper on the situation when he suspects that Colin is only trying to hurt the family by taking her away. Will realizes that he didn't handle the situation well so he decides to make it up to her by finally proposing marriage.moreless
    • Pop Psychology
      Pop Psychology
      Episode 9
      It's Thanksgiving and Colin decides to celebrate by taking his family turkey hunting. It doesn't sound like something Max would take part in...usually. But lately she's been upset about David ever since she caught another woman in his cabin. So, she decides that hunting is the perfect sport to take out all her frustrations.

      Gennie's ex-husband Whit, the father of her children, returns to Boundary and decides to reconnect with the daughter he hardly knows. Shelly is more than happy to finally have a father in her life but David, who knows Whit better, doesn't want anything to do with the man he considers a liar and a thief.moreless
    • A Piece of the Rock
      Mona Richards, a family friend of the Carvers, arrives in town with her daughter Riley. Will and David discover that Mona owns a piece of the mountain and that Colin is hoping to buy it from her. The brothers hope to convince Mona not to sell by reminding her how much David Sr., her former lover, meant to her. They find this task difficult since Mona was scorned by David Sr. after he cheated on her with another woman.

      Meanwhile, Mona's daughter Riley surprises everyone with how much she's grown. Once a gawky, nerdy little girl who used to hang out with David all the time, she has now blossomed into a beautiful, sexy young woman hoping to spark a romance with her childhood friend. David, trying to remain faithful to Max, finds it difficult to be around the newly transformed Riley since she's constantly flirting with him.

      Sam is shocked when his father Ted, a recovering alcoholic, announces to him that he has invested Sam's college fund in a new business venture. Ted is hoping to start a microbrewery and sell beer. Shelly instantly sees that this is a bad idea but Sam sees it as an opportunity to get close to his troubled father. Shelly realizes how much this means to the Tunneys so she recruits Michael to apply his business education and help out.moreless
    • The Letter
      The Letter
      Episode 7
      Eric is discovered nearly frozen to death on the Carver's ski lift. No one understands how this could have happened so David talks to Scarlett, the young Boundary employee who was working on the mountain the night before, and she reveals that she may have been distracted while shutting down the ski lift. This could open the Carvers up to a major lawsuit but David is more concerned with trying to figure out what Eric was doing back at Boundary in the first place. Shelly tries to win back Sam's friendship back by getting him an autographed CD from a band staying at Colin's hotel. While there she runs into Michael and Ronnie, the band's manager and his beautiful ex-girlfriend. After talking to Gennie about her daughter, Michael tries to let Shelly know that it wouldn't be a good idea for them to pursue a relationship. Shelly seeks comfort in Sam but finds that he is now spending time with Scarlett.moreless
    • Best Laid Plans
      Best Laid Plans
      Episode 6
      Colin tries to play nice with the Carvers since David has sold him some land on the mountain (which Travis had actually extorted). Colin has breakfast with David and Max, he buys Maria a dress and he invites the Carver brothers to a formal business occasion. All of this irks Will since he knows that Colin and Travis blackmailed David into selling the land.

      Will finally finds a way to get back at Colin when he discovers that the land David had sold is completely worthless. He sees the perfect opportunity to humiliate Colin with this information at the formal gathering in front of all his board members.

      Michael and Shelly continue to flirt with each other but Shelly soon begins to fear that Michael will grow tired of innocent flirtations and move on. So she decides to take things further by inviting him to spend some time alone with her in a house that Sam has been asked to look after while the owner is away.

      Meanwhile, Travis meets a beautiful woman named Vanessa and is instantly attracted to her but he soon finds out that Vanessa is not only Colin's girlfriend but also Max's former friend and sorority sister whom she now hates.moreless
    • Masquerade
      Episode 5
      After being fired from his job at Boundary, Eric feels betrayed so he decides to tell Travis all about David's secret. Now, Travis, hoping to get his job with the Dowlings back, uses the secret to get what he wants from David which includes control of one part of the mountain. Shelly and Sam inadvertently get Michael in trouble when they start a playful snowball fight with him which results in Colin's truck getting dirty. But this doesn't stop Michael from attending Gennie's charity masquerade party in hopes of getting closer to Shelly. Meanwhile, Gennie realizes that Robert is smitten with her and that she might be smitten with him as well.moreless
    • Water
      Episode 4
      A man named F. Robert Chapin co-chairs a charity with Gennie. She is highly unhappy about the situation since Robert is an ex-con and claims that she is being forced to work with him as a part of his rehabilitation. She meets with him and, at first, she isn't willing to give him a single chance but she soon falls victim to his charms. Everyone at the Dowlings' new hotel, The St. George, seems to respect and like Colin but it seems that Travis is taking a little bit too much authority in the Dowling company especially when he starts to use Colin's desk and decides to fire an employee. Shelly gives Michael snowboarding tips resulting in her spending more time with him. Colin advises Michael to steer clear of Shelly because of the difference in their ages. David faces both professional and personal problems at the hotel. Not only are the aging pipes beginning to leak but Will is looking to fire Eric unaware that the man has a secret that could hurt David.moreless
    • On the Beach
      On the Beach
      Episode 3
      It's "Boundary Days" in town which is a cowboy-themed event being organized by the Dowlings. This doesn't sit well with the Carvers since the event was always organized by the late Dave Sr. David, Will and Maria decide to organize their own event. Something new, something different. David enrolls some old friends to help him with a plan that Max had given him about throwing a beach-themed party at the resort. Everything goes well until the Dowlings decide to show up with a few friends including Travis. Meanwhile, Shelly begins to hang out with Michael Dowling sparking jealousy in Sam.moreless
    • Unbroken
      Episode 2
      The Carvers have set a meeting with a bank manager to get a loan that would help them keep the resort running during the winter but David is nowhere to be found. Turns out he's in Denver for a motocross race where things turn ugly and David ends up in jail. On top of that, Dowling is offering more money to the resort's employees so they can come work for him.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      After the death of his grandfather, David, the Carver family's prodigal son, returns to Boundary Mountain which is home to the Carvers' ski resort, a lush vacation spot set against the backdrop of extreme sports. Tensions soon rise when it is revealed that David has inherited the ski resort over Will, his business-savy brother. David struggles to figure out how to deal with this situation but things aren't made any easier when he's pressured by Travis, a family friend and a Boundary employee, to sell the resort to the entrepreneurial Dowling family. Also, Shelly, the youngest Carver and an aspiring snowboarder, once preparing to compete in the Gennie Carver Foundation Invitational, is now trying to deal with the death of her grandfather by pushing away her best friend, Sam.moreless