The Mountain

Season 1 Episode 9

Pop Psychology

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 2004 on The WB
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Pop Psychology
It's Thanksgiving and Colin decides to celebrate by taking his family turkey hunting. It doesn't sound like something Max would take part in...usually. But lately she's been upset about David ever since she caught another woman in his cabin. So, she decides that hunting is the perfect sport to take out all her frustrations.

Gennie's ex-husband Whit, the father of her children, returns to Boundary and decides to reconnect with the daughter he hardly knows. Shelly is more than happy to finally have a father in her life but David, who knows Whit better, doesn't want anything to do with the man he considers a liar and a thief.moreless

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  • The Carvers try to celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving while The Dowlings mark the day by joining a turkey shoot. Both families face challenges as Gennie’s ex shows up at Boundary and Michael Dowling shoots only his father’s pinky toe.moreless

    Sometimes sons win out over fathers! aka at least you still have nine toes OR not all the turkeys were on the table!

    It's the Thanksgiving show on the mountain and the various characters set the scene for this week's show. Michael (Tommy Dewey) explains to Sam (Penn Badgley) why the Dowling's don't celebrate Thanksgiving. Seems it was a Thanksgiving Day when Colin caught Michael and Max's mother in bed with the pool man; enough to ruin anyone's holiday spirit. Shelly's (Tara C. Thompson) is on the slope and her snow boarding form is admired by a stranger alerting Michael and Sam to a possible threat to Shelly's safety. At the Hotel, Colin (Mitch Pileggi) learns of a traditional turkey shoot staged by the hotel and decides that the whole Dowling clan could use a bounding activity. Max (Elizabeth Bogush) is still angry about catching David (Oliver Hudson) with Riley in last week episode and rejects David's peace overture. Travis (Johann Urb) arrives to invite Max to the hunt saying Colin thinks she would be "in the mood to kill something". Gennie (Barbara Hershey) wants to invite Robert to the family dinner, but it turns out that Robert is in Paris.

    The strange acting man turns out to be John "Whit" Whitman (Brett Cullen), Shelly, David and Will's (Anson Mount) father. He catches Shelly alone and asks to talk to her. Shelly, who has no memory of her father, is excited and goes to Whit's room to talk. Michael spots the two going into an elevator and calls Sam to help rescue Shelly. When they enter the room Shelly introduces her dad and says she doesn't need rescuing.

    At the Carver's, Will is preparing for the first Thanksgiving celebration since David senior's death. He also plans to propose to Maria (Alana De La Garza). Gennie suggests that David invite Max, but David says that he wouldn't count on her. Gennie assumes that Sam will attend but Sam has plans to celebrate with Scarlett (Kaylee Defer).

    As the family gathers, Whit knock at the door and after talking to Ginnie is let him in where he attempts to bond with his sons. Will allows an awkward hug but when Whit hugs David, David pushes his father away and tells him to leave.

    At the hunt Colin and Max hide behind a blind as the turkey that Max had named "David" wanders past. After some hesitation Max fires and wounds the bird but then tries to protect it like a member of ALF. Disgusted Colin fires at point blank, killing "David" over the protest of Max and Michael. An angry Michael struggles with his father when suddenly a shotgun discharges shooting off Colin's left pinky toe.

    As the paramedics haul Colin away Michael offers a cryptic description of the scene to Max who consoles him and then drives him to David's Cabin. Max and David discuss the day's events and as David offers a passionate solution, Max shies away saying that this time they should keep hormones in check and look for a way they can be together. David takes Max to the family dinner where Michael has relieved Sam on the Shelly watch and they all sit down as Will finally gets the honor of carving the family Thanksgiving Turkey

    Back at the hotel, Colin and Travis watch football when Whit enters. Asked how things went Whit describes his reception and Colin tells of his father-son experience. "Could be the closest ballot ever for father of the year" says Whit.

    The verdict:

    This episode is an entertaining, ironic look at the dysfunctional families of The Mountain. Michael with his sarcastic view has the best lines; the conflict between David and Max is an improvement over the blase direction their relationship has traveled. Sam is still with Scarlett and we see more proof that Shelly in not happy with that state of affairs. Michael is no longer a romantic interest for Shelly but reverts to a role of good friend. Colin is his nasty best and the introduction of Whit offers promise of conflicts to come.

    A random thought:

    In a society without a formal rite of passage into manhood, a son has to prove to himself and to his father that he is grownup. In an abusive environment that usually means physically besting the father. If, on the other had, the father is emotionally abusive the son's declaration of independence may take another form.


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    • Michael: Billionaire developer Colin Dowling was injured in a hunting accident involving his good for nothing son, Michael, and a particularly willful turkey named "David." Tragically, despite the heroic efforts of emergency medical personnel, they were unable to resuscitate the turkey. Dowling is likely to lose the use of his pinky toe. The future of his son is undetermined.

    • Colin: You think this is for me? I don't even like Thanksgiving.
      Michael: Once the body count gets high enough I'm sure we'll all love it.

    • Travis: Your father wants to know if you wanted to go turkey hunting
      Max: What?
      Travis: He thought you might be in the mood to kill something.
      Max: Now there's a man who knows exactly what I need.

    • Max: I dumped you. Get over it. This can't be the first time it's ever happened. (pause) You've never been dumped before? My God! So you've never had your heart broken?
      David: I've had my heart broken, okay. And I'm trying to avoid it right now!

    • Michael: The militia's coming together nicely.
      Colin: It'll be good for you.
      Michael: Hey anything's better than staying here waiting for the ATF to start lobbing smoke grenades through the windows. Besides... Max in camo - Once in a lifetime.
      Max: Not in the mood, Michael!

    • Travis: The previous owners of the hotel led a traditional hunting party out on Parson's field. People like to shoot their own turkey.
      Colin: Really? Staring down their dinner, then killing it. Now there's a tradition my family could get behind.

    • Michael: Shelly, step away from the drink. It's probably roofied.

    • Travis: The previous owners of the hotel led a traditional hunting party out on Parson's field. People like to shoot their own turkey.
      Colin: Really? Staring down their dinner, then killing it. Now there's a tradition my family could get behind.

    • Shelly: How's that butt?
      Michael: Cute and perky. Yours?

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