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  • No wonder it got cancelled.

    This was the worst show i have ever watched. I saw the trailer and was thinking "Hey this is going to be a good show" when i watched it i turned it off after about 5 or 10 minutes.

    Do Not Bring This Back... Ever!

    that means no remakes no movies and no spinoffs!!!
  • i loved this show. what happened?

    Why did it get cancelled? I just don\'t get it. I was just getting into it and boom it is gone just like that. I want it back. Can a show air again once it has been cancelled? I wish they would bring it back. It was one of the few shows i actually really enjoyed watching. The ratings don\'t know nothing about the way the audience really feels. so i think it should air again. i would like to be informed if it should happen to be brought back. maybe one day it will. Until then i will just wait.
  • Will love it and never forget it.

    I was really young when I secretly started to watch this show. All I want right now is to buy the season (if you can even call it that) on dvd. My favourite character was Scarlett and even though Sam and Shelley were suppose to end up together, I really liked Sam and Scarlett as a couple. I would recommend it, if you can get your hands on the episodes, to anyone in search of a quick drama with alot of love. It will really be missed, the WB is really missing out on a great show that would have braught them alot of money, garenteed.
  • I loved that show!

    hmm-mmm..hard to believe that it's two year already after the wb decides to cancelled that show. I really, really loved that show and I never missed any episodes of that show!

    except for the cat fights! I really loved it..althought few of my favourite actors and actress are already in different shows now.

    I'm little bit disappointed after they moved the new nights and new time!

    TheWb make really messed it up! That is, I'll never forget that show for rest of my life!

    It would'd be wonderful if Fox picked that show before it's getting cancelled!

    Oh, must be going on. I'm very anxious to know what will happens next to my favourite actors and actress..! I have check to see how they're doing!

    Geez, that's shame for TheWb to make that should've gone be stay on same night and same time!
  • Is it worth a second season? Or was one enough? My love and criticism for the show mixed together makes me unsure of what side I'm on.

    The show's got a good drama story that made me watch the whole first season in just a few days. The plots are fine for that, I didn't watch it on the TV, so I have absolutely no idea what it feels like to wait for the next episode, but I can guess that the plots are a little thin and unoriginal written for the show to continue.

    It’s been billed as The OC in the mountains, and if you should compare the first season of these two show, I think the chance of having the majority on my side is pretty big when I say that it just cannot compare.

    The actors are OK, but not the best. The women look good, and then you have Oliver Hudson and Mitch Pileggi, which is a small level above the others.

    As I said, the plot is just fine for a 13 episode seasons, it's just enough for not to get bored. But I doubt if they could have kept it up with a second season, and I'm glad they stopped with this one, because then I can still think of it as a good show. Once again comparing it to The OC, which has gone downhill ever since the first season, with only a few peaks, The Mountain knew when to stop (or at least WB knew).

    The ending is very open, but life really is as well. "Life goes on". And at the end, a tribute to the intro of the show, a great song and great footage.
  • A wonderful show, why would any person in their right mind cancel it?

    The Mountain was a great show with great elements in its plot. If the WB schedual people wouldnt of moved it to sunday nights then it would of hade more viewers possibly. On a wednesday there is nothing to watch as it is and this show would of had a better chane to gain more viewers and bring about a new legacy in drama tv shows. it would of mixed the sports show with drama making a perfect mix and giving the average person something to watch on wednesday nights. One Tree Hill(OTH) is one of the worst shows i have ever watched and seems like and hour in OTH is really only a half hour. How you people who actaully watch OTH and like it are complety crazy as that show is wack and knows not what its doing. Back to The Mountain, a show that was like THE OC gave a person a view of what it was to have ski hill drama instead of fun in the sun drama. Any and all feedback is welcome to this review.
  • If you want a drama show, mountain is the show you should watching. The actors are so good and the conflicts are just great. I wondering why wb cancelld this show after just one season. Its much better then one tree hill. I h

    If you want a drama show, mountain is the show you should watching. The actors are so good and the conflicts are just great.

    I wondering why wb cancelld this show after just one season. Its much better then one tree hill.

    I hope they realise a dvd box.
    Mountain 4 EVER
  • Loved the show. Really wish it could be brought back.

    I really think this was a great show. And it was really entertaining. When I was not able to find the show after it's first season, it made watching Sunday night TV rather boring. HOW can we get this show back on the AIR??? Whatever needs to be done, we need to. Sunday night TV is just not the same.
  • 10
    The Mountain was definitely a great show. It was more geared towards young adults rather than adolescent teens (like Summerland). The storyline was exciting and always kept you on your toes and the actors were pretty good. Oliver Hudson was great for the part and I was devastated to see the show go. The only reason why it was cancelled was because it got paired up with ABC's Desperate Housewives. I mean no one in their right mind would put a show that they wanted to succeed up against a hit new show. The WB thought that Jack and Bobby had more potential than The Mountain, which they were sadly mistaken. Jack and Bobby should have stayed in that time slot and gotten cancelled before the Mountain. But all in all, the show should have been given a chance to succeed like many other great wb shows that were cancelled prematurely. The Mountain was truly one of the better shows out there.
  • Love this show.

    I to agree that this show was one of the best. They did not give it a chance at all. I could not wait for the next show to come on. It was a hole some and a family show that we loved and all need and want. Please bring this show back. Oliver Hudson is such a good actor. I just loved it.
  • Please bring back The Mountain!

    Please bring back this show! I loved watching The Mountain and I watched it every week it was on. I loved the characters, I loved the story line. It was very entertaining. The actors that were showcased in this show were fun to watch. They all were excellent actors. I feel it was one of the best shows on. It seems like when there is a good show on television, that is the one that gets cancelled. I feel that the WB has some great shows, but I think they cancelled this one prematurely. Bring it back and give it a chance.
  • Ending this show was the WB's biggest mistake.

    I hate soap opera like shows but this is an exception. The Mountain kept me coming back week after week. I would be dying to know what happens next. The WB has made a lot of mistakes and their biggest mistake on that list was canceling this show. Each character on the mountain was interesting and unique, these different characters driven by love; greed and sometimes both all struggled to find their place on The Mountain. What started out as ‘Hey its that guy from the X-files, I’ll check this show out’ turned out to be one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Ending the mountain was a mistake I will never forgive WB for making.
  • i have seen alot of shows & have a great perception of which ones will be hits & long running & just to let you know it was a big mistake to cancel this show the mountain has potential to go 5yrs @ least

    there is so much hope for the mountain to be the big hit that ive seen so far i am very surprised that it was cancelled the romantic & scandels & power control of the families was awsome there is so much more to the show the writers could very well keep it going just like they did with dawsons creek i wish the would reconsider keeping it going sincerly randy reaume................. ps if i saw 10 pilots or 5 episodes of 10 different new shows i would be able to not only let you know which ones will be hits but i can also tell you how most of the episodes will end up before they are even writen.