The Mountain

The WB (ended 2005)


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  • A wonderful show, why would any person in their right mind cancel it?

    The Mountain was a great show with great elements in its plot. If the WB schedual people wouldnt of moved it to sunday nights then it would of hade more viewers possibly. On a wednesday there is nothing to watch as it is and this show would of had a better chane to gain more viewers and bring about a new legacy in drama tv shows. it would of mixed the sports show with drama making a perfect mix and giving the average person something to watch on wednesday nights. One Tree Hill(OTH) is one of the worst shows i have ever watched and seems like and hour in OTH is really only a half hour. How you people who actaully watch OTH and like it are complety crazy as that show is wack and knows not what its doing. Back to The Mountain, a show that was like THE OC gave a person a view of what it was to have ski hill drama instead of fun in the sun drama. Any and all feedback is welcome to this review.
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