The Mountain

The WB (ended 2005)


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  • Is it worth a second season? Or was one enough? My love and criticism for the show mixed together makes me unsure of what side I'm on.

    The show's got a good drama story that made me watch the whole first season in just a few days. The plots are fine for that, I didn't watch it on the TV, so I have absolutely no idea what it feels like to wait for the next episode, but I can guess that the plots are a little thin and unoriginal written for the show to continue.

    It’s been billed as The OC in the mountains, and if you should compare the first season of these two show, I think the chance of having the majority on my side is pretty big when I say that it just cannot compare.

    The actors are OK, but not the best. The women look good, and then you have Oliver Hudson and Mitch Pileggi, which is a small level above the others.

    As I said, the plot is just fine for a 13 episode seasons, it's just enough for not to get bored. But I doubt if they could have kept it up with a second season, and I'm glad they stopped with this one, because then I can still think of it as a good show. Once again comparing it to The OC, which has gone downhill ever since the first season, with only a few peaks, The Mountain knew when to stop (or at least WB knew).

    The ending is very open, but life really is as well. "Life goes on". And at the end, a tribute to the intro of the show, a great song and great footage.