The Mountain

Season 1 Episode 11

Sacred Things

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 2004 on The WB
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Sacred Things
Maria has rekindled her romance with David shortly after getting engaged to his brother Will. Maria is torn up inside but decides that David is the one that she wants to be with so she must break things off with Will before things go any further. She plans on telling Will all about David over dinner but finds it difficult when she discovers that her parents are in town to celebrate her engagement. Things don't go any easier for David when Max returns to Boundary and tries to get back together with him. When Max is met with resistance on David's part, she soon realizes what's really going on and makes a decision that could affect everyone. Meanwhile, Michael has also returned to the mountain and decides to finally stand up to his father and speak his mind. Michael comes to the decision that he wants to move out and live life on his own terms. Colin becomes infuriated and cuts Michael off from the family and their fortune.moreless

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  • On Boundary Mountain It's the first big snow of the season. A day when sprits soar; A day for skipping work and boarding down that special run; A day to revisit if for only a moment that part of your heart where childhood resides. It's powder day.moreless

    Scarlett and Sam wake suddenly to the sound of shouting and banging in the hall. "Powder day! Whoo! Whoo! Oh, Yea! It's Powder! Big Snow! Everybody Up! Aoww!" David and Maria awaken in their "old high school make out spot", now buried in 3 feet of fresh powdered snow. Shelly violates her training to meet Sam at her grandfather's secret run but is upset when Scarlett joins them. Half the employees of Boundary Mountain and The St. George Hotel call in sick and hit the slopes. Max and Michael return to Boundary from their mother's, both planning some changes in their lives.

    David, Will, Maria, Travis and Max are forced to fill in for the absent employees. Will, ecstatic over his plan to marry Maria, lacks his usual anger over being shorthanded. He plans a romantic dinner where he will surprise Maria by bringing in her parents and his mother to celebrate the engagement. David and Maria plan to tell Will that they spent the night together and that the wedding is off but David hesitates and Maria, faced with her parents, is unable to confess to Will.

    Michael argues with his father and tells him he is leaving Boundary. Colin responds by cutting him off hoping he will back down, but Michael packs and leaves. Shelly argues with her father about breaking his training rules by going boarding. She agrees to follow his rules but later when Michael has nowhere to spend the night, She takes him to the employee dorm where Scarlett finds him a futon to sleep on. Shelly joins Michael at the "Salute To The Snow Gods" party. Michael gets drunk and Shelly, also drunk, is stuck at the dorm and alone so she calls her father for a ride and they discuss her misbehavior.

    Max tells David she wants a real relationship with him but is he tells it is over. Later Max overhears Maria on her cell telling David that she can't tell Will they want to be together so Max gets even by telling Will who gets upset and leaves.

    The episode ends with David facing Max, Will gone, Michael as well as Sam asleep at the dorm and Shelly riding home with Witt.

    Some Random Thoughts:

    Anyone who has lived in snow country can relate to the beauty of the year's first snowfall.


    Sacred Things is the eleventh of thirteen episodes currently scheduled by the WB. Like previous episodes the acting is uneven. Veteran actors Mitch Pileggi and Barbara Hershey have short scenes leaving David and Shelly carry the main action. Oliver Hudson as David turned in his usual flat performance; however, Tara C. Thompson as Shelly gives her most believable performance to date. Shelly has multiple conflicts. She is visibly bothered by Sam's affair with Scarlett, chafes at the training discipline her father imposes and is still attracted to Michael. As usual as Will is barely believable but Alana De La Garza displays her soap opera background portraying the conflicted Maria who is engaged to one brother while in love with the other.

    The most interesting developments are the changing role of the Dowling siblings. Michael challenged Colin's authority by finally leaving the nest and venturing out on his own. Well played as usual by Tommy Dewey, Michael needs someone other than sixteen-year-old Shelly for support. Michael's sister Max, played by Elizabeth Bogush, delivers the strongest performance in the cast. She returns determined to enter a committed relationship with David and when turned down she exact quick and deadly revenge. Will Max be the future agent of her father's revenge or her own?

    I have not been a fan of Johann Urb (Travis) but in this case he delivers his lines in a convincing manner.

    Other questions left from cliffhanger:

    Will has gone somewhere. We will see how long he stays gone or will he return to revenge himself on David and Maria?

    Witt and Shelly are growing closer. Conflict with Ginnie is in the cards.

    While Sam is still sleeping at the dorm with Scarlett, who is taking care of his alcoholic father? And speaking of that, this series could use more of James Masters' as Sam's father.

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