The Mountain

Season 1 Episode 10

The One You're With

Aired Unknown Dec 05, 2004 on The WB
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The One You're With
Shelly is eager to mend her relationship with her father so she begins training with him by her side. Gennie is wary of Whit's intentions for returning to Boundary so she warns him not to get too close to Shelly for fear that she'll only get hurt. Although Gennie's intentions are good, they only help to push Shelly closer to Whit and in turn causes a riff between Gennie and her daughter. After seeing Maria at work, Colin decides to offer her a job in New York. The grand opportunity excites Maria but Will puts a damper on the situation when he suspects that Colin is only trying to hurt the family by taking her away. Will realizes that he didn't handle the situation well so he decides to make it up to her by finally proposing marriage.moreless

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  • How bad is it when a 70's song lyric describes your whole plot AKA Is it already time to realign sleeping arrangements?

    "And if you can't be with the one you love, honey

    Love the one you're with"

    This one line from a Stephen Stills song is used as a metaphor for the love lives of David, Sam and Maria as unresolved feelings between Shelly/Sam and David/Maria highlight this episode of "The Mountain. We also learn more about Whit and Ginnie while Colin throws in a job offer to Maria in an attempt to break up either Will's relationship with Maria or his partnership with David.

    If you're down and confused

    And you don't remember who you're talkin' to

    Concentration slip away

    'Cause your baby is so far away

    Max and Michael are out of town visiting their mother and Sam is spending more and more time with Scarlett so David and Shelly are left to their own devices. Shelly yearns for approval from her father to the point of absorbing physical abuse from his training methods David still involved in an ambivalent relationship with Max realizes he would rather be with his first love, Maria.

    Well, there's a rose in a fisted glove

    And the eagle flies with the dove

    And if you can't be with the one you love, honey

    Love the one you're with

    Sam is enjoying the conjugal benefits of his relationship with Scarlett but he still yearns for his unrequited love, Shelly. He asks David if sex is as important as love but David, wrestling with his own issues, responds with the Stephen Stills lyric adroitly avoiding an answer.

    Don't be angry, don't be sad

    Don't sit cryin' over good times you've had

    There's a girl right next to you

    And she's just waiting for something to do

    It turns out that in addition to being Gennie's husband and father of her three children, Whit was an abusive coach who drove Ginnie's to her Olympic gold medal winning performance. Gennie's attempt to protect Shelly from Whit's brutal training methods backfires when Shelly over hears a conversation between her parents and takes Gennie's comments to mean that her mother doesn't believe she has what it takes to become a champion.

    Turn your heartache right into your joy

    She's a girl, and you're a boy

    Get it together make it nice

    Ain't gonna need anymore advice

    Colin's offers Marie a job in his headquarters in New York causing Will to proposes to Maria and suggest that he give up his family, the job he has been raised to perform, make her the center of his life and to follow her to New York. At this point Maria realizes that she really wants to be with David.


    Why did Whit return to Boundary Mountain? The cliffhanger ending of "Pop Psychology" hinted that Colin Dowling and Travis were involved in Whit's decision. In this episode we learn that Colin has been financing Whit. Is he merely another instrument of Colin Dowling's revenge or is he using Dowling to further his own agenda?

    Some Random Thoughts:

    With ten episodes aired it as good a time as any to review and update the major characters and plot lines. Series regulars are at best a mixed bag. With some exceptions the characters are boring and the acting amateurish. They are not helped by scripts, which bypass any opportunity to use the scenery and action on the slopes in favor of sexual tensionÂ… well not much tension as at almost every opportunity characters are jumping between the sheets as the camera pans away.

    First, the good…

    Colin Dowling, portrayed by X-Files veteran Mitch Pileggi, is the most consistent character in the series. He wants to take Boundary Mountain away from the Carvers and will use any weapon he can find to accomplish this goal. Following David Carver Senior's death he corrupted Travis and sent his daughter to distract David Carver while he tried to buy the property. When the initial attempt failed he purchased the St George Hotel in Boundary and moved his family operation to this mountain paradise. He rationalizes Max's ongoing affair with David as contributing to his goal. Other than the disastrous turkey hunt, every move he makes has been an attempt to accomplish his goal of redeeming his family honor by wresting Boundary Mountain from the heirs of Carver Sr. who he considered a card cheat.

    Sam Tunney is Shelly Carver's childhood friend and snowboard teammate. He lives with his alcoholic father and looks to the Carver family for the emotional support that his father is unable to provide. Sam's father played by Buffy and Angel veteran James Masters has appeared in only one episode but hopefully series producers will realize there is a bounty of drama in Sam's situation. Well acted by Penn Badgley, Sam acted as Shelly's protector when her risky behavior placed her in jeopardy until she breaks into a home Sam was taking care of for a romp with Michael Carver. Sam has become sexually involved with a Boundary employee named Scarlett but he has stated that he wished to become closer to Shelly.

    Tommy Dewey as Michael Dowling is the son and heir apparent to a wealthy father he can't stand. We know that he was wandering aimlessly through the course catalog of a good (Ivy League) college when his father pulled him out of school and brought him to Boundary Mountain. He had a romantic flirtation with sixteen-year-old Shelly Carver that good sense and an appreciation of rape laws has segued into a role of big brother and protector. His biting sarcasm plays beautifully against Colin's intense drive and Dewey completely overshadows Johann Urb's cardboard cutout, Travis.

    The average…

    Elizabeth Bogush plays Max Dowling as a strong independent woman who defies her equally strong father by maintaining her relationship, however rocky, with David Carver. Boguish's performance is uneven. He best scenes are when she is the aggressive, sarcastic Max playing off Pileggi's Colin. Her scenes with David and Travis are weak. Perhaps she needs more talent to play off in order to display her talent. Attractive enough to handle the vixen, Max has been mostly victim in her relationship with David.. Her one attempt to move forward in the relationship by requesting a drawer in David's cabin to store some personal things was met with hesitation and the request was quickly withdrawn. In "Pop Psychology" she finally stood her ground and resisted David's puppy dog attempts to return to a sexual relationship in favor of a wait and see attitude.

    Maria Serrano, played by soap veteran Alana De La Garza, was David's high school love but she left him first for Travis and then moved on the Will. She is responsible for organizing special events for Boundary Mountain including Gennie's charity functions. From time to time she is used to create tension between Will and David but beyond that she functions as arm candy for Will. This may be changing. In this episode she accepts Will's proposal but realizes that she is still in love with David.

    Shelly Carver is the sixteen years old sister of Will and David and an aspiring competitive snowboarder. She flirted for a time with Michael Dowling while taking for granted the attentions of childhood friend Sam. When Sam became involved with an older employee of the mountain she realized that she wants Sam to be more than a friend. Tara C. Thompson, described as a newcomer, is barely believable in her role as the woman-child who takes more risks off the slopes than on.

    And the awful

    David Carver is this soap opera's protagonist. However, Oliver Hudson as David is not an actor with the ability to carry the lead in a weekly series. His previous work as Eddie Dooling on Dawson's Creek was a supporting role where Katie Holmes overshadowed his talent. In "The Mountain" he has yet to display the breadth necessary for his character. The only emotional change David has shown is anger toward Travis. In the confrontation with his father at Thanksgiving Hudson delivers his lines like he was ordering pizza.

    Ginnie Carver played by veteran actress Barbara Hershey is a former Olympic skiing champion and divorced from the father of her three children. In the pilot she express her disdain for Boundary Mountain, cares only about her children and her various charity foundations. We find out in this episode that she married her coach and suffered from his training style. She is concerned that Whit's attempt to become Shelly's trainer will lead to the kinds of abuse she suffered under his tutelage. In addition Whit gets bored easily. Ginnie knew that and knew what she had to do to keep him interested. She wonders what Shelly would have to do when Whit get bored of training her. Hershey has the talent to make more of his role but until this episode she seemed to mail in her performance.

    Will Carver is David's older brother. He grew up learning the family business. When David was named as heir he was resentful but quickly joined his brother in fending off Colin Dowling's takeover attempt. Will is involved with David's high school girl friend, Maria Serrano, and is insecure in Maria's loyalty where David is concerned. When Colin Dowling offers Maria a job in New York City he first offers her a raise but quickly proposes marriage. Anson Mount plays what could be a juicy role as plain vanilla.

    Travis Kurri functions as a second antagonist to the Carvers. We are told that Travis "grew up as David Sr's faithful protégé but his loyalties no longer lie with the Carvers but with ruthless business tycoon Colin Dowling [Source The WB} The only additional detail we have is that he came to Boundary as an immigrant, was taught English by David Sr. and that he is a chronic womanizer. Johann Urb has yet to display anything that resembles acting. Without checking I imagine that he is a former male model who came to acting with his looks and little else.

    The Verdict:

    "The one you're with" started with a good idea but never fulfills its promise. Eliminating Max and Michael from the story line allowed and character development for Ginnie and Whit but the dialogue was flat and this was action was boring unless you enjoy two teenagers breaking into a couple's bedroom and jumping on top of them. The audience for this show is too young to reminisce to the 70's when "Love The One You're With" was on the frequent play list of many radio stations but the point was made in the behavior of Sam. David and Maria. There are three more new episodes planned, one next week. Fans of the series should make a point of watching, as they may not have a chance to see them again. As for "The One Your With", every time I review it looking for usable quotes my rating goes down.

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