The Moxy Show

Cartoon Network (ended 2000)


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The Moxy Show

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The show began as a 60 minute mastepiece in 1994. This is what might be Cartoon Network's first original animated series. It was originally named The Moxy Pirate Show. In 1995 it was renamed The Moxy Show, but still kept its 60-minute format. In 1998, Flea became more well known as a show character than in the previous years so it was renamed The Moxy and Flea Show. It was also cut down from 60 minutes to 30 minutes and eliminated the 3D effects. On April 1, 2000, this show was unfortunately removed from Cartoon Network entirely. This was on the same day that Cartoon Network moved classic cartoons to Boomerang. Although the show is no longer shown anywhere this is still suspected to be Cartoon Network's first ever original series. Characters Moxy Andrew Mutt - the main character of the show. he is some sort of 3-D animated dog. Flea Matt 22X5 - Moxy's best pal. Voice actors Moxy - his voice is played by hilarious comedian Bobcat Goldwait. Flea - his voice is played by Penn Jillette, but however in 1998, some episodes Flea's voice is replaced by comedian Chris Rock.moreless