The Mrs Bradley Mysteries

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  • Why do good things come in small doses?

    I still love this show and wished they had more episodes. To only have 5 episodes when there were 66 books in the set is torture. Mrs Bradley has the same wit and sense of humour as Phryne in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.
  • Intriguing, but...

    With "The Avengers" a third of a century into the past, Diana Rigg must have hoped she was onto a winner with this series, which offers a substantial role for any actress of a certain age. But the BBC didn't seem to know what to do with Mrs. (later Dame) Beatrice Adela Lestrange Bradley, a figure whose literary adventures, in a few dozen novels by Gladys Mitchell, would seem ideal for TV adaptation. After a ninety-minute pilot episode, the BBC bafflingly crammed their remaining stories (just four of them) into an hour apiece, leading to omissions and alterations which could hardly have appealed to Mitchell's fans. The plots remained ingenious, with a real shock in the last story, and they surely didn't stint on the casting; still, there was an air of unease about the whole enterprise, and it wasn't too surprising that the Beeb didn't recommission it. One problem which seemingly no-one faced - Mrs. Bradley is really a rather awful creature, isn't she?
  • This is the best mystery show ever!

    Mrs Bradley Mysteries only ran for about 6 episodes but it should have had another series at least. This was extremely well written and very witty and funny without taking away from the severity of the crimes or the tension that the killer could strike again. The cast were impecible and the chemistry between George and Mrs Bradley was always sizzling yet never quite realised. This is a show that should be brought back to our screens as it was always enjoyable
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