The Mullets

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  • Season 1
    • Roger Gone Wild
      Roger Gone Wild
      Episode 11
    • Sweeeet Emotion (aka Melanie + Steve Sharp)
      When Melanie's date with her sleazy boyfriend Steve goes badly, Dwayne gives Denny the courage to finally ask her out, but instead of admitting his true feelings for her, Denny wimps out and unintentionally helps Steve redeem himself with Melanie. Dwayne also tries to regain money he has lost over the years on a snack machine.moreless
    • Airway to Heaven (aka Air Guitar)
      The guys enter an air-band contest to raise money to get their impounded truck back; Mandi confesses to hanging out with rock stars at a Cincinnati radio station.
    • Silent But Deadly (aka Silent Treatment)
      Denny and Dwayne make front page news with their behavior at one of Roger's Hollywood parties. When both sides blame the other, Mandi decides to ignore them all, which is a dreaded punishment. To get her to talk again, the boys and Roger must find a way to compromise their differences for the sake of the family.moreless
    • Losin' It
      Losin' It
      Episode 7
      After getting a big time roofing job for the guys, Dwayne gets his hair stuck in tar and must cut his mullet, subsequently losing his "Dwaynergy" and becoming just "outstanding" rather than "out-freakin standing!" He even has an intelligent conversation with Roger; Gordo attempts to come up with cool party phrases.moreless
    • Smoke on the Water
      When Roger and Mandi decide to "go on vacation", that is, to get Roger plastic surgery, Dwayne and Denny are left to housesit Roger's expensive mansion. They accidentally destroy Roger's expensive Cuban cigars though, and decide to throw a pool party charging a $10 entry fee to raise money so they can buy new cigars from a guy Bill knows. In the middle of the party though, Mandi calls and announces she and Roger will be returning home early -- in 30 minutes! Now the race is on for Denny and Dwayne, as they try to clear out all their party guests and hope that what Roger doesn't know won't hurt him!moreless
    • Grudge Match
      Grudge Match
      Episode 5
      Dwayne and Denny's unspoken rivalry surfaces after they start their own junior backyard wrestling league.
    • Touched by a Mullet (aka Quizzardry)
      The guys are bummed when an extended rain floods out all their business. After three weeks of rain, and subsequently three weeks off, they decide to go visit Roger at his Quizzardry set. After convincing him they are money tight, he reluctantly gives them jobs. While clowning around though, they are shocked to find that Roger is actually the most hated man on the set, as the crew feels he is snooty and self absorbed.

      The guys decide to throw Roger a "get to know the crew" party at their house, but it ends badly, as a drunk worker named Charlie lets the Roger hating secret slip. Roger decides the next day at the set to not criticize anyone. But when Charlie fails to show up at the set the next day, unbeknownst to Roger, Dwayne and Denny are forced to run the buzzers.
      Roger finally ends the show and becomes irate, storming backstage to find Dwayne and Denny. When Charlie shows up to clean out his desk, Roger convinces him - as well as everyone else that they are all important to the show, and he wants them to know he appreciates it.moreless
    • Raging Waters
      Raging Waters
      Episode 3
      After a police chase ends in their living room, the boys get Roger to agree to go on a family vacation. After arriving in the quiet Lake Havasu, they find it isn't so quiet, and is packed with people! To make matters worse for Roger, Denny and Dwayne realize their boat is the infamous boat from the Tommy and Pam video! After the local hangout's clerk sees Mandi, he announces the party at the houseboat!

      After partying, the three Mullets go to find Roger and see why he hasn't been partying. After he admits he doesn't it in, he becomes addicted, after realizing he is quite talented at bouncing a quarter into a glass. It turns out Roger is great, and sends everyone else chugging on a beer, and to nighty night land.

      After finally fitting in, the boys tell him how they accept him as part of the Mullet family, and Roger finally decides to take a swim.

      Meanwhile, Gordo encounters a cat problem while house sitting the run down Mullet house.moreless
    • Love Freakin' Story
      After crashing his car into another one, Dwayne is punched out - by the GIRL who owns the car! He gives her his license for the wreck info, and when he goes to retrieve it, he finds her being attacked. After fighting off the bad guys, he realizes she is really a stunt woman; and the girl of his dreams! When he decides to ask her out, he is shocked to learn that she has dated her share of bad boys, and is done with them! So Dwayne convinces her he is a sissy, and she gives him one chance. But now Dwayne has to learn to control himself -- and enlists the help of none other than Roger!moreless
    • Pilot Episode Smackdown
      The Mullet Boys Roofing company is on the rise! They have the biggest ladder in Reseda, CA!
      While dropping off the boys clothes, Roger drops Dwayne an envelope. Not caring to open it, he assumes it is a birthday present for his mother. He is offended, and decides not to open it. While at the convenience store, Dwayne and Denny see the perfect gift - 4 tickets to WRESTLEMANIA! After listening to Top 40 music for upwards of 68 hours, they finally here "Rock Me Like A Hurricane," and call in, and win the tickets! When they go to tell their mother, they find a party, as unknown to Dwayne, the envelope from Roger was an invitation! After trashing the party, they convince Roger and Mandi to go to the event with them. The fun doesn't last long though for Roger, as the Dudley Boyz overhear him telling Denny how fake wrestling is, and bring him into the ring! After seeing Roger beaten down, the boys decide he is definitely Mullet material - he's part of the family!moreless
    • Smackdown (Pilot)