The Mummy: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 1

A New Beginning (1)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 15, 2003 on The WB
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A New Beginning (1)
Egypt – Alex is training with Ardeth; he is balancing on poles, then jumping onto the next one, which are all on a river. Alex misses the pole he needed, and falls into the river, heading towards a waterfall! Commercial Break Ardeth rescues Alex with a crook (a long staff, similar to a shepherd's staff). Alex complains that the test was unfair. Alex and Ardeth discuss Imhotep. It appears that he is now out of the picture, buried in the rubble with The Minotaur. At just that moment, he crawls out of the rubble. Colin Weasler is now writing comics, claiming to be the Mummy's master – and then He shows up. "Master?" Colin asks, "I thought you were dead?" Imhotep has discovered a way other than the Scrolls of Thebes to gain his powers back. They travel to a tomb, where Imhotep begins his search. Rick and Evy are back in London at the museum, talking with the Museum Director. They explain the loss of the Zephyr, and that Imhotep is gone. The Director has a new mission for Evy – the Valley of the Kings. There have been unexplained occurrences at several excavation sites, and they have new transportation: The New Zephyr. ***This is the beginning of the multi-colored Zephyr. In this scene it is blue, but it changes between blue and gold and then back again.*** Jonathon shows up, and off they go to Egypt, with Tut in hand. (Tut has been staying with Evy and Rick, while Alex studies to be a Medjai with Ardeth.) Training has not been going well. Alex is just about to give up. **Zephyr is now gold.** Seven tombs have been ransacked, and Evy thinks she knows why. There may be a second Mummy. The Zephyr lands at the eighth site just as workers run away. Evy and the team see why – Imhotep. Imhotep opens a sarcophagus – Anck Su Namun. "Soon you shall live again," he tells her. Imhotep revives several priest-Mummies, who attack the team while he runs off with the second Mummy. Commercial Break Rick grabs a spear from one of the priest-Mummies and fights back along with Ardeth. Alex uses the Manacle to trap the priests inside a cage, but it causes the ceiling to collapse. The Zephyr is blue again. Evy realizes that Imhotep will use the Corona of Azima. The Corona points to the Lake of Eternity. Once every five thousand years, the Lake of Eternity fills with water which brings back the dead. Imhotep attacks the team with flying rocks. Rick accidentally bumps against Imhotep, and that causes the other Mummy to fall into the water. Commercial Break Anck Su Namun rises from the water, at the top of a giant wave. Fire pushes out of her eyes. This powerful woman controls boulders, which form themselves into giant crabs, attacking the team. With nobody looking, Jonathon takes a water bottle out of his pocket and fills it with water from the Lake, then puts it back in his pocket. Anck Su Namun fight with staffs (just like in Mummy Returns!). Imhotep forms a tornado and flies away with Anck Su Namun and Colin. The Lake disappears. Evy is hurt; she can't feel her legs. With all hope lost, Evy – wife of Rick, mother of Alex – dies.moreless

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