The Mummy: The Animated Series

Season 2 Episode 2

A New Beginning (2)

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 22, 2003 on The WB
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A New Beginning (2)
Egypt - Rick, Alex, and Ardeth are on the hilltop where Evy has passed away. Jonathan joins them, carrying the canteen. He hands it over. Rick pours a little of the water into Evy's mouth, and we can see her start to wake up. Flashback - Evy is in ancient Egypt. (very short) Evy wakes up and looks around. Anck Su Namun and Imhotep are fighting. She doesn't like how they travel. He asks if she remembers the location of the Scythe of Anubis. **Zephyr is blue** The team is flying in the New Zephyr. While on board, Alex trains with Ardeth. Imhotep takes over a ship, The Olympia, and throws the crew overboard. Captain Andropolous sends an S.O.S. out just before Imhotep takes complete control. Evy continues to have flashbacks. She is acting strange and Rick is beginning to distrust her. The Scythe is extremely powerful. Princess Nefertiri and Anck Su Namun knew where it was buried. Imhotep knew the incantation to bring it power. Imhotep and Anck Su Namun tried to steal it, and that was when they were both mummified. Evy jumps off the Zephyr and boards the Olympia. Anck Su Namun realizes Evy isn't herself. They begin fighting in ancient Egyptian-style. While they are fighting, the team follows Evy onto the Olympia. Evy and Rick are chased by a giant mechanical spider, while Imhotep chases down Alex, Jonathan and Ardeth. Evy - or whoever is inside of her - attacks Rick, then runs away. Imhotep crashes the ship into rocks, then escapes with Anck Su Namun and Colin. The team returns to the Zephyr just in time to escape an explosion on The Olympia Evy has another flashback; she knows now, she was Nefertiri in a past life. Moments later, Anck Su Namun, Imhotep, and Colin are inside the Temple of Anubis, followed by Evy. Imhotep now has the Scythe, and as he holds it, the walls around them collapse. Evy is trapped inside with them. The rest of her family is outside, trying to break through the doorway. Imhotep tells Anck Su Namun that she will serve at his side while he rules the world. She tells him that she will not be subservient to anyone ever again, and attacks him and Colin. Evy and Anck Su Namun fight. Evy (the Princess) summons Anubis. Everyone gives her strange looks, until Anubis appears before them. He takes the Scythe and Anck Su Namun with him. The temple is collapsing. Rick rushes inside to get Evy. She is back to her old self. They run out just in time - seconds later, the Temple is no more. Evy now realizes why she leads the life she does: Archeology, history, languages ... It's because of her past. Her distant past. They head off towards the gold Zephyr.moreless

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