The Mummy: The Animated Series

Episode 4

Ask Imhotep

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 09, 2002 on The WB
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Ask Imhotep
Ask Imhotep Justin - "What do you eat? Maggots? Scarabs? Sandworms?" Imhotep - "Yes, yes, and yes. But what I truly crave are donuts!" Nathan - "Are you friends with Sabertooth?" Imhotep - "Yes. In fact, we have the same dentist." Rachel - "Did you have toothbrushes 3,000 years ago?" Imhotep - "No, we picked our teeth with sticks, and you don't want to know what we used for floss!" Donald - "Who is your favorite Pokemon?" Imhotep - "There can be only one: Mr. Mine! Look at him climb! Ha! Ha! Mr. Mine!" Nicholas - "How long would it take to hop across the world on your tongue?" Imhotep - "I don't know. Each time I try, my tongue gets stuck to the North Pole!" Eulices - "Do you take showers?" Imhotep - "Absolutely not! Hot water is too harsh for my delicate skin." Suzy - "Hey Imhotep, I thought you were a good priest who made one of the first pyramids?" Imhotep - "That was my twin brother, Imhotet. I'm much better looking." Jessy - "How does Yugi get his hair all pointy like that?" Imhotep - "Hair gel, Jesse. Lots and lots of hair gel." Jeremiah - "Can you tell my mom to let me have ice cream for supper every night?" Imhotep - "Mom, let Jeremiah have ice cream for his supper! There." Imron - "When do Toonami Trax come on?" Imhotep - "How bout right now?" Sophie - "What do you fear, and why?" Imhotep - "Just one thing: Cats. Have you seen them cough up those hairballs? Disgusting!" Jason - "Boston and New York City are 400 miles apart. A train leaves Boston at 5:00 traveling 40 MPH. Another train leaves New York at 4:15 traveling 45 MPH. Assuming they maintain a constant rate, what time will they pass each other?" Imhotep - "The answer is 9:18 and 31 seconds, but of course you knew that." Sidy - "Why do you want the Scrolls?" Imhotep - "World domination. Plus, Weasler told me chicks really dig a guy in a cool jacket who knows where Scrolls are." Austin - "Imhotep, if you have such great powers, why do you need that skinny guy?" Imhotep - "Weasler? Because I love his name. Say it with me. Weasler. Weeeeeasler." Matthew - "Imhotep, I was wondering what kind of socks you wear?" Imhotep - "I have so many pairs of socks, but my favorite is the KidsWB Holiday Sock." The Sock - "Help me!" Kathleen - "Why is tape sticky?" Imhotep - "Oh, Kathleen. If it wasn't sticky, we wouldn't call it tape!" Michelle - "Why are you purple?" Imhotep - "Why am I purple? You'd be purple too if yoiu'd been inside a pyramid for three thousand years! Thanks for watching Ask Imhotep, and don't forget to watch the conclusion of the 2-part Mummy Special Event next Saturday morning on Kids WB!" * * * - week 1 Danny - "What's under a Shadowkhan's mask?" Imhotep - A Shadowkhan, of course. I once took a peek under their masks, and I can tell you that I am much more handsome." Roger - "Hey, Imhotep. Can you lift giant boulders up?" Imhotep - "Yes! Giant boulders, giant pyramids, and even giants themselves." - week 2 Megan - "Do you watch Nightmare Room?" Imhotep - "Yes, I do. I love The Nightmare Room. It's almost as scary as me -- but not quite." Nick - "Why can you control statues and make big sandworms come out of the ground?" Imhotep - "I am an all-powerful Mummy and I can control many things. And you should see how bitg statues and sandworms look in my garden." Darryl - "Will Team Rocket ever beat Ash?" Imhotep - "That Ash is a powerful and very smart Pokemon trainer. I don't think that Team Rocket will ever be clever enough to beat him. But keep watching Pokemon to see what happens!" Betsy - "Have you ever had dinner with Jackie Chan?" Imhotep - "No, but I am sure I would get a kick out of it!" Michael - "Why are you after the boy?" Imhotep - "The Manacle on his wrist belongs to me!" - 02/09/03 Deon - "Do you have a house?" Imhotep - "No. I live in a lovely scarab-covered pyramid." Elena - "Hey Imhotep, do you like to duel?" Imhotep - "Yes, but only if I can win." Crystal - "Can you give me two of your spells?" Imhotep - "C-A-T and D-O-G" Lawrence - "Do you speak any other language besides English?" Imhotep - "Yes. Ancient Egyptian and Pokemon." Patricia - "After 3,000 years, doesn't it get a little boring?" Imhotep - "No. Not if you enjoy what you do."moreless

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