The Mummy: The Animated Series

The WB (ended 2003)


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    • Quest for the Lost Scrolls
      This video and dvd is a collection of episodes 1 (The Summoning), 12 (The Puzzle), and 13(The Maze) from the first season. The dvd contains additional material, including a bonus episode The Orb of Aten, which you can access after completing a trivia game on the dvd!
    • Ask Imhotep
      Ask Imhotep
      Episode 2
      Ask Imhotep - Season 2 What's New, Scooby Doo? Trent - "Will I get good grades this year?" Imhotep - "Ah, let's consult the Oracle. Not sure about your grades, Trent, but you'll be an expert at Yu-Gi-Oh!" Daniel - "Hey, Imhotep, do you have any hobbies, other than trying to rule the world?" Imhotep - "Yes, Daniel. Surfing. Surf's up, dude!" Yu-Gi-Oh Bebe - "Imhotep, what would you look like with Yugi's hair?" Imhotep - "Ha. Ha. I can make anything look good!" Scott - "Imhotep, do you have any pets?" Imhotep - "I sure do. Say hello to my little friend Mini." ** Jackie Chan Adventures Lynn - "Hey, Imhotep, where did you get your name?" Imhotep - "You're going to make me say it, aren't you? Fine. From my Mummy." Alexander - "Imhotep, do you know the way to the Cheops Pyramid?" Imhotep - "No. But if you hum a few bars, I can fake it. Ha, Ha. 3,000 years later, that joke is still funny." The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai Nathanial - "Hey, Imhotep, are you good at basketball?" Imhotep - "Yes. Just check out my fireball!" Andrew - "Is it cool being able to control mummies?" Imhotep - "I don't control mummies, Andrew. I control my ancient warriors. Watch this. Hit it. Pretty fast for a skeleton, is it not, dog?" Pokemon: Master Quest Antwon - "Why do you have that necklace? Are you a mummy or a model?" Imhotep - "What's the matter, Antwon? You don't like my bling-bling?" Stacy - Yo, Imhotep, what is your favorite flavored potato chip?" Imhotep - "Crushed scarab is the only chip for me. A little bit crunchy and a little bit gooey. Yummy." Static Shock Meg - "Do you ever feel like you're going to fall apart?" Imhotep - "You mean like this? Uh, no." Argenal - "Why does Pikachu only say 'Pika Pika'?" Imhotep - "You need to watch more Pokemon. Pikachu also says Pika, Pika B, and my favorite for attacks Pikachu. Come on, say it with me ... Pikachu." Yu-Gi-Oh Angela - "Can you change into different colors?" Imhotep - "Of course. I change to three basic colors: The elegant blue .. A strong burnt amber, and my most popular color, purple. I can also make this polka-dot pattern, but for some reason, that just doesn't scare anyone." Dakota - "We have a field trip next Thursday. Will my teacher yell at anyone?" Imhotep - "Not at anyone, Dakota. You. Your teacher will yell at you! But of course you knew that, didn't you?" Ozzy & Drix Taylor - "Imhotep, why are you so mean and scary all of the time?" Imhotep - "Be not afraid. That's just the character I play. I'm not scary. Tell then, Sock." The Sock - "Help me!" Imhotep - "See? What did I tell you? Not scary at all." Jack - "Hey, Imhotep, how long can you hold your breath?" Imhotep - "Good grief, Jack. I'm a Mummy. Who needs to breathe?" Jared - "Do you get tired of chasing Rick and Alex?" Imhotep - "No. I'm not chasing them. I'm trying to stop the boy's ferret. He's evil!" "See you next Saturday morning on The Mummy: Secrets of the Medjai. And ... good-bye!"moreless
    • Ask Imhotep - Toonami Trax
      Ask Imhotep - Toonami Trax Alex has a dad whose brave
      The whole world, he's got to save
      Cuz Imhotep has risen from his tomb
      This is where the story takes a twist
      Al put a bracelet on his wrist
       I guess that it was shrink-to-fit
      He'd take it off, if he could
      But I think it's awful good
      The Mummy wants it in his grubby mits
      And the Mummy wants to get
      One thing he cannot get
      He'll try to get that Manacle from you
      And if you let the Mummy get the Manacle,
      I bet he'll rule the world forever
      Then we're through!
      He won't give up
      He won't give in
      He's centuries old
      He's got no skin
      If you let the Mummy get the Manacle,
      I bet he'll rule the world forever
      Then we're through!


    • Ask Imhotep
      Ask Imhotep
      Episode 4
      Ask Imhotep Justin - "What do you eat? Maggots? Scarabs? Sandworms?" Imhotep - "Yes, yes, and yes. But what I truly crave are donuts!" Nathan - "Are you friends with Sabertooth?" Imhotep - "Yes. In fact, we have the same dentist." Rachel - "Did you have toothbrushes 3,000 years ago?" Imhotep - "No, we picked our teeth with sticks, and you don't want to know what we used for floss!" Donald - "Who is your favorite Pokemon?" Imhotep - "There can be only one: Mr. Mine! Look at him climb! Ha! Ha! Mr. Mine!" Nicholas - "How long would it take to hop across the world on your tongue?" Imhotep - "I don't know. Each time I try, my tongue gets stuck to the North Pole!" Eulices - "Do you take showers?" Imhotep - "Absolutely not! Hot water is too harsh for my delicate skin." Suzy - "Hey Imhotep, I thought you were a good priest who made one of the first pyramids?" Imhotep - "That was my twin brother, Imhotet. I'm much better looking." Jessy - "How does Yugi get his hair all pointy like that?" Imhotep - "Hair gel, Jesse. Lots and lots of hair gel." Jeremiah - "Can you tell my mom to let me have ice cream for supper every night?" Imhotep - "Mom, let Jeremiah have ice cream for his supper! There." Imron - "When do Toonami Trax come on?" Imhotep - "How bout right now?" Sophie - "What do you fear, and why?" Imhotep - "Just one thing: Cats. Have you seen them cough up those hairballs? Disgusting!" Jason - "Boston and New York City are 400 miles apart. A train leaves Boston at 5:00 traveling 40 MPH. Another train leaves New York at 4:15 traveling 45 MPH. Assuming they maintain a constant rate, what time will they pass each other?" Imhotep - "The answer is 9:18 and 31 seconds, but of course you knew that." Sidy - "Why do you want the Scrolls?" Imhotep - "World domination. Plus, Weasler told me chicks really dig a guy in a cool jacket who knows where Scrolls are." Austin - "Imhotep, if you have such great powers, why do you need that skinny guy?" Imhotep - "Weasler? Because I love his name. Say it with me. Weasler. Weeeeeasler." Matthew - "Imhotep, I was wondering what kind of socks you wear?" Imhotep - "I have so many pairs of socks, but my favorite is the KidsWB Holiday Sock." The Sock - "Help me!" Kathleen - "Why is tape sticky?" Imhotep - "Oh, Kathleen. If it wasn't sticky, we wouldn't call it tape!" Michelle - "Why are you purple?" Imhotep - "Why am I purple? You'd be purple too if yoiu'd been inside a pyramid for three thousand years! Thanks for watching Ask Imhotep, and don't forget to watch the conclusion of the 2-part Mummy Special Event next Saturday morning on Kids WB!" * * * - week 1 Danny - "What's under a Shadowkhan's mask?" Imhotep - A Shadowkhan, of course. I once took a peek under their masks, and I can tell you that I am much more handsome." Roger - "Hey, Imhotep. Can you lift giant boulders up?" Imhotep - "Yes! Giant boulders, giant pyramids, and even giants themselves." - week 2 Megan - "Do you watch Nightmare Room?" Imhotep - "Yes, I do. I love The Nightmare Room. It's almost as scary as me -- but not quite." Nick - "Why can you control statues and make big sandworms come out of the ground?" Imhotep - "I am an all-powerful Mummy and I can control many things. And you should see how bitg statues and sandworms look in my garden." Darryl - "Will Team Rocket ever beat Ash?" Imhotep - "That Ash is a powerful and very smart Pokemon trainer. I don't think that Team Rocket will ever be clever enough to beat him. But keep watching Pokemon to see what happens!" Betsy - "Have you ever had dinner with Jackie Chan?" Imhotep - "No, but I am sure I would get a kick out of it!" Michael - "Why are you after the boy?" Imhotep - "The Manacle on his wrist belongs to me!" - 02/09/03 Deon - "Do you have a house?" Imhotep - "No. I live in a lovely scarab-covered pyramid." Elena - "Hey Imhotep, do you like to duel?" Imhotep - "Yes, but only if I can win." Crystal - "Can you give me two of your spells?" Imhotep - "C-A-T and D-O-G" Lawrence - "Do you speak any other language besides English?" Imhotep - "Yes. Ancient Egyptian and Pokemon." Patricia - "After 3,000 years, doesn't it get a little boring?" Imhotep - "No. Not if you enjoy what you do."moreless
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