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    Did this show having a final ending or did it just end.
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    Beware some spoilers.

    It had a series finale type ending. The last two episodes actually had a very spectacular feel to them for what they're worth, as almost all the major characters through out the series made returns, mainly the villains. It tied everything up with the subtle subplot through the prior episodes of Alex's new visions and had a final epic showdown between Alex and Imhotep in the underworld. In the end, Imhotep's finally defeated for good and sealed off in the underworld with the army he wished to raise, though Ardeth Bay does suggest the possibility that he'll raise such armies down there in an attempt to one day escape; Alex ain't worried though.

    A little open-ended with the lingering threat of Imhotep Ardeth leaves, which really wasn't necessary considering how "final" a battle this was, but it did tie everything up nicely. Alex doesn't get rid of the manacle, though it ends up getting rendered powerless and some angst aside, he hence goes through an incredible transformation, figuratively speaking, into an incredible warrior. For a half-hour finale, the last episode definitely seemed like it couldd've been considered a short movie, as the scope given was pretty awesome.
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