The Mummy: The Animated Series - Season 1

The WB (ended 2003)


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  • The Maze
    The Maze
    Episode 13
    Paris - Simon has returned home. The team - Ardeth, Evy, Rick, Alex, and Jonathon - are at the top of the Eiffel Tower, using the Puzzle of Horus and telescopes to pinpoint the location of the Scrolls. Rick finds the location - the Paris Opera House. Imhotep, Colin, and a crazed monkey fight the team, but are quickly defeated. The team makes its way to the Opera House, and search it from top to bottom. Finally, Evy remembers the famous Paris catacombs, and down they go. While walking through the tunnels, the Puzzle grows brighter, leading Alex to speculate that they must be getting closer. In the middle of the tunnel, there is a hole, stretching several yards across, and hundreds of feet down, with hundreds of rats at the bottom. It seems impossible that they could get across. At just that moment in time, the Minotaur walks in on them. The Minotaur grabs Evy, jumps across the hole, and runs down the hall, carrying the screaming mom. Alex uses the Manacle to create a way across, but it dreams his energy. The remaining team members split up. Rick and Jonathon will go find Evy, while Alex and Ardeth will find the Scrolls. The Minotaur reveals to Evy that he is the Guardian of the Scrolls, and he cannot allow anyone else to possess them, for fear of what they might do with the power. Alex and Ardeth find the Scrolls! However, the Minotaur hears them, and takes off to stop them. The moment he leaves the room, Evy starts poking around. She finds a painting of a Medjai and a journal, which she begins reading. Imhotep and Colin are in the tunnels now, and the Mummy has unleashed his army of mummified priests. Ardeth reads a passage of the Scrolls and the Manacle - for the first time since they uncovered it - falls off Alex's arm. He's free! The Minotaur finds them. He and Ardeth fight, and Ardeth realizes that the Minotaur is using Medjai fighting skills. To help his friend, Alex puts the Manacle back on and stops the Minotaur. He makes a sword hover in front of the Minotaur, but does not harm him. Alex reminds him what it means to be a Medjai. The Minotaur tells Alex and Ardeth how he became what he is now. Emperor Napoleon stole them, not realizing their true powers. The Medjai got them back, but it was a terrible fight, and he realized that even their order would not be able to protect the Scrolls. He would need to be a better protector. He sought out an Egyptian priest/magician who transformed him into the Minotaur, the most powerful beast alive. In the Minotaur's room, Evy is still reading the journal as Imhotep and Colin enter. Evy screams, loud enough for everyone else to find her. After a short fight, Imhotep tells Alex that his mastery of the Manacle is impressive, and tries to get Alex to work with him to take over the world. Alex turns him down, of course. Imhotep grabs Alex and the Scrolls. He begins reading the same spell Ardeth read earlier, to break the connection between the Manacle and Alex. Alex uses the Manacle to bring a torch under the Scrolls, and sets them on fire. The Scrolls are all but destroyed, only a few tattered pieces remain. The room - which is under a river - begins to fill with water. The team makes its way outside, but Colin, Imhotep, and the Minotaur are trapped inside. Ardeth tells Alex that it's possible the Manacle may now be stuck on his wrist forever. Because he saved Ardeth's life, Ardeth will repay that debt - by training Alex to be a Medjai!moreless
  • The Puzzle
    The Puzzle
    Episode 12
    Egypt - The Mummy has found the first piece of the Puzzle of Horus. Ardeth takes the piece out of Imhotep's hands, and narrowly escapes. London - The Zephyr is parked, and Alex is playing inside with his friend Simon Montgomery. Simon doesn't know anything about Alex's adventures, other than that he's been gone with his parents a very long time. When Simon asks about the Manacle, Alex says it's just something he found on one of his mom's digs. Rick takes the boys home. He hints to Simon that it's time to go home for dinner, and tells Alex that he has chores to do. Simon hides behind the fence and watches. Alex uses the Manacle's powers to lift the trashcans, but drops them when Simon shows himself. Alex ends up telling him everything. Evy is inside, looking through books. She is exhausted, and has gone through every lead she can think of. She doesn't know where to go from here. Rick comes in with a telegram from Ardeth. He tells her they've found the Puzzle, and need to come to Egypt immediately. The team - Alex, Rick, Evy, and Jonathon - board the Zephyr and begin the flight to Egypt. When they hit turbulence, one of the supply-closet doors is knocked open, and Simon falls into the room. When they land, Simon and Jonathon stay in the ship, as Alex, Rick and Evy meet with Ardeth Bay. Ardeth hands Alex the piece. Alex holds it near the Manacle and gets a vision - the location of the second piece! In the vision-flashback, he sees Horus's men hide the piece under a coverstone with the Symbol of Horus on it. Imhotep, standing outside the Zephyr, sends a ball of fire at the ship. Simon and Jonathon - still inside - barely escape as the Zephyr is destroyed! They find the second piece and fight Imhotep, only to find their ship in ruins. Alex puts the pieces together and receives a vision of the final piece's location. They board a train, quickly followed by Imhotep and Colin. Rick gives Alex the box that contains the Puzzle pieces, then stays to fight Imhotep alongside Ardeth, giving the others a chance to escape. Nobody knows it, but when they are looking away, Alex takes the pieces out of the box and slips them into his pockets. The Mummy defeats Ardeth and Rick, then goes out in search of the others. Alex makes a big show of throwing the box out the window, scaring his mother. Imhotep leaves and seals the doors shut. Another train is coming! Ardeth and Rick - back in action - help them escape through the roof and floor just before the other train crashes into the first one. Imhotep finds the empty box, and is NOT happy at all. The team takes off on camels. At the same time, Imhotep casts a spell that turns the sand into a sandworm, which attacks them. The sandworm eats Alex and Simon! They are in its stomach, which does have an airhole that allows the sandworm to breath. Alex uses the Manacle to make Simon fly out of it, and then Ardeth uses his whip to grab hold of Alex and pull him out. Jonathon has found the final Puzzle piece, and with Simon's help, the Puzzle is put together. It shows them a hologram of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. As they get closer, Ardeth says, it will show them more detail, but now they know what city the Scrolls are in! As they fly away, the sandworm attacks Imhotep and Colin.moreless
  • Howl
    Episode 11
    Greenland - The team is on the run from an ice demon. Alex defeats it with the Manacle's help, and they return to the British Museum of Antiquities, where Evy presents the Director with their find: a chalice. With a lead presented - quite by accident - they head to Ireland aboard the Zephyr. Colin and Imhotep enter the Museum and confront the Director. The Director informs Colin that he is not permitted inside, as he stole the Book of the Dead. The team is in a village, eating in a pub. When Evy mentions the McTalford Abbey, everyone in the pub grows silent. Marie - an old woman - wants to tell them why they should avoid the road, but the others in the pub won't hear of it. They think it's just nonsense and an old woman's overactive imagination. They leave the pub and begin traveling the road with a horse-drawn carriage. When the road becomes too rough for the horses, they are abandoned, and the team continues on foot. Shortly after, they are surrounded by wolves; they escape, but Rick is bitten by one. They enter the Abbey with the wolves howling at the door. The team explores the Abbey and finds the library. Searching through the books, Rick begins to act weird, then decides to take a walk. While he does this, his face grows extremely hairy. It's obvious - he's a werewolf. Jonathon leaves later on and discovers a treasure room filled with silver, gold, and jewels. Alex has a vision, but this one is different. Instead of seeing himself in a future event, he sees an event centuries ago. It is Horus, using the Manacle to bring back his father, Osiris. This is the first time the vision was not about the future. Evy, Jonathon, and Alex find Rick turning into a werewolf. Imhotep takes the opportunity to enter the Abbey at that moment. Rick flies out the window and joins the other werewolves outside. Jonathon leads Evy and Alex to the treasure room, with Imhotep and Colin following. The mummy and his servant fall through the floor and into a river while the remaining team members enter the treasure room. Marie enters the chamber and reveals her secret. Her husband is one of the wolves. The team has until midnight to turn Rick back into his old self, or he will remain a wolf forever. She calls the werewolves Lycanthropes. To save Rick, he must want to return, and it can only be Alex who brings him back, as Alex is his bloodline. The problem is, the werewolves also know his bloodline, and will try to make Alex one of them. Imhotep and Colin break into the treasure room, but it's been cleaned out, with the team long gone. In the village, Marie brings the villagers together to help the team. Alex, using the Manacle, helps Rick return to normal, and Rick brings the family back home.moreless
  • The Boy Who Would Be King
    China - The team has traveled to China on another trail. The Scrolls may have been presented to the Chinese leader Kubla Khan as a gift. The only way to research this is to get into the Forbidden City. A boy being chased by soldiers is helped by Alex, who hides the boy under a table. In gratitude, the boy - who is actually Emperor Jin-Wu - invites the team inside the palace. Because of his heroism, the Emperor offers Alex a large reward: a treasure chest full of jewels and money. The team thanks him, but says they would rather do research on the Scrolls instead. They are treated to a feast before the work begins. Jin-Wu and Alex take lessons in Tai Chi. Jin-Wu gets bored and goes to visit Rick and Evy in the library while Alex continues Tai Chi. Evy finds a reference to Marko Polo presenting gifts to Kubla Khan, but can't make out part of the translation. Jin-Wu reads it, and tells them he'll get Lin Chou to translate for them. Evy is thankful, not knowing that Jin-Wu has already figured it out and is lying to her. Jin-Wu grabs Alex and they leave the palace quickly, heading towards the spot the Scrolls may be. Lin Chou translates for Evy and Rick. They need to respect the Dragon, for haste will bring destruction. The Dragon protects the sacred shrine of the Hun(?) dynasty. In their haste, Jin-Wu and Alex release the Dragon. They escape to the woods, and finally to the city, but the Dragon follows, bringing destruction. Jin-Wu refuses to admit he did anything wrong and when the team says otherwise, he has them locked up in a jail. Lin Chou promptly allows them to escape. In order to send the dragon back, both Jin-Wu and Alex must work together - meaning Jin-Wu must admit he did something wrong. By working together, they do it, and Alex learns how to use the Manacle to move things through the air!moreless
  • Fear Itself
    Fear Itself
    Episode 9
    Mogoca (Asia) - Genghis Khan had stored his treasure in Mogoca, hopefully including the scrolls. When the team arrives, they find only a handful of items. The rest was confiscated by the government and is in the Oktober Palace near Leningrad, over two thousand miles away. With Imhotep hot on their trail, the team boards the Zephyr and heads toward the palace. While exploring the palace, Alex finds Russian Stacking dolls. Inside is a fear demon, called a Gogle, which is released by Alex's playing with the dolls - but he doesn't know it yet. The fear demon invades the minds of the team, one at a time, making them see things they fear, and feeding off those fears. As they become more terrified, the demon grows, and the fears become worse. Evy sees herself as an old woman; Rick sees the corridors changing, becoming longer; Jonathon is attacked by a painting. After defeating the Gogle, the Manacle lights the way to a chest that contains ... part of the Scrolls! Not the whole set, of course, it's just a page, but still, it's a piece! Alex has an idea, and puts the Gogle in the chest. The Mummy shows up and demands the chest, thinking it still contains the Scrolls. They hand it over, and watch. The Gogle may have been defeated by the team, but not by Imhotep and Colin - and their worst fears are realized! Imhotep is taken by the Pharaoh's soldiers. As the team leaves, the Gogle is growing larger, and Imhotep is placed in a coffin!moreless
  • The Cloud People
    The Cloud People
    Episode 8
    In the Mojave Desert, Alex is climbing a mountain and finds a cave, which contains the Scrolls of Thebes. Rocks come down, blocking entrance to the cave and nearly killing Alex in the process. The Mummy appears, and Alex wakes up. It's been a vision from the Manacle. They (Rick, Alex, and Evy) are exploring caves, which are at the exact location referenced in the Roman Tablets. They have reached a dead end in their search here. The next place they'll go, based on Alex's vision, is Lake Titicaca, in Peru, a place Rick has been to before. The British Museum's Director - Sir Arthur Fenwick - is certainly aware of Colin's activities. Colin has broken into the Museum and has the Director tied up and gagged! The team goes to Peru, finds the mountain Alex talked about, and begins the climb to the top. Tiga and Pilow are Cloud People. they meet the team high up the mountain. Pilow is Tiga's brother. Alex and some of the Cloud People children are playing when Imhotep shows up. He uses his powers to cause a cave-in and rock slide, endangering the kids, but stalks off after the parents. Alex finds the cave he'd seen in his Vision, thanks to the Manacle's powers. Just like he'd seen already, though, Imhotep shows up and the rocks fall. The Mummy is defeated and they get the Scrolls out, only to find out that they aren't the Scrolls of Thebes.moreless
  • The Black Forest
    The Black Forest
    Episode 7
    In London, Colin is in a cathedral, using a tire iron to open a door. He is saying that he's made a major discovery about the location of the Scrolls. He opens the door, at the exact moment the O'Connells arrive. He's got a book in his hands as he makes his escape. The O'Connells run after him. On the street, Imhotep appears in the form of a tornado (seen in episodes 1 and 2). Alex yells "Stop!" and the Manacle glows, temporarily freezing Imhotep. The book contains a mathematical formula which tells the location of the Scrolls. Imhotep has the book, but Evy knows the only man alive that is brilliant enough to understand it. That man just happens to be her old Professor, a man named Einstein. Colin and Imhotep, knowing the same thing, kidnap Einstein before the O'Connells have a chance to arrive in Einstein's hometown of Berlin. The Manacle gives Alex a vision of standing before a castle, then being inside it while the Mummy enters, and then of Einstein working on a blackboard. He quickly draws the castle in his notebook, and tells his parents that he thinks he knows where Einstein's being held. It's in the black forest, which was enchanted by the Mummy. The trees, more or less alive now, grab Jonathan, Evy, and Rick, sending them to an underground dungeon in the castle. Alex doesn't get caught, and goes off looking for the Castle, which he finds after a struggle or two. Jonathan, Rick, and Evy are tied up, but Rick tricks Colin into helping them escape. Alex frees Einstein, and as they walk down the hall, Alex tells the professor that his mom had studied with him. The professor remembers a young Evelyn Conaghan, very fondly. Einstein, now free and with the team outside the castle, tells Evy he's got the formula. Colin and Imhotep think they have the answer, as Einstein had left an answer on the blackboard. They don't know that the answer is just the opposite of the real one! Einstein has been a teacher long enough to know that he should never put the real answers where anyone can read them! Einstein gives them the coordinates and they're off!moreless
  • Orb of Aten
    Orb of Aten
    Episode 6
    Imhotep races to beat the O'Connells to New York City, where he plans a dangerous "empowering" ceremony at the Statue of Liberty.
  • Eruption
    Episode 5
    When the gang arrives in Turkey, they are met by a troublesome Imhotep. Later, Alex begins having visions of a girl named Ishi.
  • The Deep Blue Sea
    The Deep Blue Sea
    Episode 4
    When powers from the Manacle of Osiris start to manifest, Alex worries if he'll be able to handle them. Meanwhile, the gang searches for treasure in an ancient underwater city.
  • Against the Elements
    While in India, the gang finds a mysterious book. Later, a stroll through a local town leads them to a new ally named Tut.
  • A Candle in the Darkness
    While Alex is struggling with his school lessons, the gang heads out searching for the lost library at Alexandria. Once there, they encounter an angry Imhotep who wants nothing more than to see Alex's destruction.
  • The Summoning
    The Summoning
    Episode 1
    After being promoted to Chief Archeologist, Evy and her family head to Egypt for an archeological dig. While they are there, the Manacle of Osiris attaches itself to her son, Alex. Now, an Egyptian mummy named Imhotep is unleashed and is after Alex and the gang.