The Mummy: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 10

The Boy Who Would Be King

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Dec 08, 2001 on The WB
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The Boy Who Would Be King
China - The team has traveled to China on another trail. The Scrolls may have been presented to the Chinese leader Kubla Khan as a gift. The only way to research this is to get into the Forbidden City. A boy being chased by soldiers is helped by Alex, who hides the boy under a table. In gratitude, the boy - who is actually Emperor Jin-Wu - invites the team inside the palace. Because of his heroism, the Emperor offers Alex a large reward: a treasure chest full of jewels and money. The team thanks him, but says they would rather do research on the Scrolls instead. They are treated to a feast before the work begins. Jin-Wu and Alex take lessons in Tai Chi. Jin-Wu gets bored and goes to visit Rick and Evy in the library while Alex continues Tai Chi. Evy finds a reference to Marko Polo presenting gifts to Kubla Khan, but can't make out part of the translation. Jin-Wu reads it, and tells them he'll get Lin Chou to translate for them. Evy is thankful, not knowing that Jin-Wu has already figured it out and is lying to her. Jin-Wu grabs Alex and they leave the palace quickly, heading towards the spot the Scrolls may be. Lin Chou translates for Evy and Rick. They need to respect the Dragon, for haste will bring destruction. The Dragon protects the sacred shrine of the Hun(?) dynasty. In their haste, Jin-Wu and Alex release the Dragon. They escape to the woods, and finally to the city, but the Dragon follows, bringing destruction. Jin-Wu refuses to admit he did anything wrong and when the team says otherwise, he has them locked up in a jail. Lin Chou promptly allows them to escape. In order to send the dragon back, both Jin-Wu and Alex must work together - meaning Jin-Wu must admit he did something wrong. By working together, they do it, and Alex learns how to use the Manacle to move things through the air!moreless

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      • Evy - "Your Emperor is very strong-willed."
        Lin-Cho - "I believe the English phrase is spoiled brat."

        Jonathon - "Well, it's not the worst jail I've been in. Not that I've been in many jails, mind you."

        Jonathon - "Either we just found the Easter Bunny's secret hideout or - "
        Evy - "Those are Shin-Shan eggs!"

        Jonathon - "No Scrolls? I was almost baby-dragon food for a barrel of 800-year old salad dressing?"

    • NOTES (3)

      • Paul Robert Langdon originally provided the voice of Jin Wu in this episode, but was redubbed with Mona Marshall as the Emperor.

      • The Mummy and Colin, who were trapped by the fear demon Gogle at the end of the last episode do not appear in this episode at all.

      • Please note - a lot of the Chinese names and references may not be spelled correctly. I am going by what I heard the actors say, but several times one actor would pronounce a name completely different from another, and it's hard to know what was correct, so I did my best. If you have any comments or corrections, please let me know. Thank you!

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