The Mummy: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 13

The Maze

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 16, 2002 on The WB
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The Maze
Paris - Simon has returned home. The team - Ardeth, Evy, Rick, Alex, and Jonathon - are at the top of the Eiffel Tower, using the Puzzle of Horus and telescopes to pinpoint the location of the Scrolls. Rick finds the location - the Paris Opera House. Imhotep, Colin, and a crazed monkey fight the team, but are quickly defeated. The team makes its way to the Opera House, and search it from top to bottom. Finally, Evy remembers the famous Paris catacombs, and down they go. While walking through the tunnels, the Puzzle grows brighter, leading Alex to speculate that they must be getting closer. In the middle of the tunnel, there is a hole, stretching several yards across, and hundreds of feet down, with hundreds of rats at the bottom. It seems impossible that they could get across. At just that moment in time, the Minotaur walks in on them. The Minotaur grabs Evy, jumps across the hole, and runs down the hall, carrying the screaming mom. Alex uses the Manacle to create a way across, but it dreams his energy. The remaining team members split up. Rick and Jonathon will go find Evy, while Alex and Ardeth will find the Scrolls. The Minotaur reveals to Evy that he is the Guardian of the Scrolls, and he cannot allow anyone else to possess them, for fear of what they might do with the power. Alex and Ardeth find the Scrolls! However, the Minotaur hears them, and takes off to stop them. The moment he leaves the room, Evy starts poking around. She finds a painting of a Medjai and a journal, which she begins reading. Imhotep and Colin are in the tunnels now, and the Mummy has unleashed his army of mummified priests. Ardeth reads a passage of the Scrolls and the Manacle - for the first time since they uncovered it - falls off Alex's arm. He's free! The Minotaur finds them. He and Ardeth fight, and Ardeth realizes that the Minotaur is using Medjai fighting skills. To help his friend, Alex puts the Manacle back on and stops the Minotaur. He makes a sword hover in front of the Minotaur, but does not harm him. Alex reminds him what it means to be a Medjai. The Minotaur tells Alex and Ardeth how he became what he is now. Emperor Napoleon stole them, not realizing their true powers. The Medjai got them back, but it was a terrible fight, and he realized that even their order would not be able to protect the Scrolls. He would need to be a better protector. He sought out an Egyptian priest/magician who transformed him into the Minotaur, the most powerful beast alive. In the Minotaur's room, Evy is still reading the journal as Imhotep and Colin enter. Evy screams, loud enough for everyone else to find her. After a short fight, Imhotep tells Alex that his mastery of the Manacle is impressive, and tries to get Alex to work with him to take over the world. Alex turns him down, of course. Imhotep grabs Alex and the Scrolls. He begins reading the same spell Ardeth read earlier, to break the connection between the Manacle and Alex. Alex uses the Manacle to bring a torch under the Scrolls, and sets them on fire. The Scrolls are all but destroyed, only a few tattered pieces remain. The room - which is under a river - begins to fill with water. The team makes its way outside, but Colin, Imhotep, and the Minotaur are trapped inside. Ardeth tells Alex that it's possible the Manacle may now be stuck on his wrist forever. Because he saved Ardeth's life, Ardeth will repay that debt - by training Alex to be a Medjai!moreless

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