The Mummy: The Animated Series

Season 1 Episode 13

The Maze

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Feb 16, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When the Minotaur takes Evy to his lair, he pushes the giant stone door shut after they enter. Moments later when he hears the explosion (Ardeth setting of the dynamite) and exclaims, "The scrolls!" he charges out of the room and closes the door again as he exits.

  • Quotes

    • Alex - "Our search for the Scrolls might almost be over!"

      Imhotep - "I demand the Puzzle of Horus."
      Rick - "Well, some toys aren't meant for sharing."

      Jonathon - "Somebody get this monkey off my back!"

      Evy - "Quick thinking, Jonathon!"
      Jonathon - "Well, I do have my moments."

      Alex, to the Manacle - "You know, there's a part of me that's really going to hate to see you go."

      Jonathon - "Rats. Hundreds of them!"
      Rick - "Friends of yours?"

      Evy - "I thought Minotaurs were fictional!"
      Rick - "Tell that to him."

      Jonathon - "Now I know how cheese must feel."

      Evy - "I'm warning you. We've taken down creatures that make you look like a sock puppet!"
      The Minotaur - "Quiet!"
      Evy - "You can talk?"

      Jonathon - "Are we really going to trust some scrawny little rodent?"
      Ardeth - "We trust you, do we not?"
      Jonathon - "Everybody's a comedian."

      The Minotaur - "I am the Guardian of the Scrolls of Thebes, and no one shall possess them but me."
      Evy - "You're the Guardian?"

      Evy, to the Minotaur - "Why did you save me?"

      Ardeth - "We have found them, the Scrolls of Thebes!"

      Evy - "A Medjai? Could the Minotaur have been a Medjai?"

      Jonathon - "I don't suppose they're here for a group hug."

      Alex - "I don't believe it. It's finally off!"
      Ardeth - "You're free."
      The Minotaur - "Your celebration shall be short-lived."

      Ardeth - "You move like a Medjai."
      The Minotaur - "My past is no concern of yours."
      Alex - "A Medjai?"

      The Minotaur, to Alex - "Perhaps you truly are worthy of the Scrolls of Thebes."

      The Minotaur - "I despise visitors."

      Imhotep - "Now I have no reason to keep you alive."

      Alex - "I was just thinking about the Minotaur."
      Ardeth - "Have faith. Medjai do not die easily."
      Jonathon - "Unfortunately, neither do Mummies."

      Ardeth - "It is time we regard the Manacle as an asset, not a curse."

      Ardeth - "Alex, you saved my life. I wish to repay that debt. I will teach you the ways of the Medjai."
      Alex - "Me? A Medjai?"

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