The Munsters Today

Season 3 Episode 24

Family Night

Aired Unknown May 24, 1991 on

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  • Lily thinks the family needs help so takes them to see Dr. Harris who suggests some "hugs" and some "quality time". Things dont go according to plan.

    This episode starts off showing the Munster family acting somewhat like \"The Simpsons\", everyone running around and no one getting to spend quality time together for family discussion or even one of Lily\'s gourmet meals!

    Poor Lily thinks its time to arrange \"a family night\" - one night a week where the gang of ghouls get together and play some games and chat about the weeks events. But with the distraction of gameshows, MTV, shopping mall sales and Grandpa\'s autopsy workshop it seems that things have really changed since the old series!!!

    The first family night is ultimately a huge disaster as an arguement gets out of hand during a hilarious game of charades. Hilarity ensues as Grandpa and Herman go storming off to opposite ends of the house. Lily thinks its time for the family to see a therapist (shouldnt someone have suggested that years ago?)!

    Arriving at Dr Harris\' office the family encounter an almost completely deaf receptionist (which has me in fits of laughter every time I watch it) and a few less than stable characters who are also there for some help.

    The family therapy goes somewhat Dr Marvin Monroe style but it soon emerges that Dr. Harris\' family life seems to have own problems too and there is a surprise ending to this episode - Dr. Harris actually moves in with the Munster family!

    The last look we have at The Munster\'s house is where they all say goodnight in good old fashioned \"Prarie\" style.

    It\'s goodnight for the doctor and the family and indeed the Munsters Today show which ended with this episode.