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  • Blech!

    I am a big fan of the original series, and everyone knows that you can't replace the original. Al Lewis, Yvonne DeCarlo, and especially Fred Gwynne made the original series. Obviously, this show doesn't work as a remake.

    But I thought I would give it a try as an independent show, so I watched a few episodes on Hulu. Not only is this a terrible remake, it's just a terrible show. I can't recall anything that I actually thought was funny on it. Most of the time I was cringing because the jokes were so stupid. And that live studio audience--I know they tell them when to laugh and when to cheer, but if I were in that audience, I would simply refuse to laugh and cheer because it's so stupid. The characters are just so unrealistic, even for a show about monsters.

    Another good thing about the original is that it was made in the 1960s, when everything was clean. This remake is full of innuendos, even innuendos surrounding Eddie, who is just a young kid. Everything good about the original series is lost, but everything bad about the original is kept--and a lot more bad is added.
  • With the second coming of the Munsters there is of course going to be the doubters. If you decide to watch this show, do not compare it to the original because it's only going to make you dislike this show. Watch it with an open mind.

    This show was of course not on the same level as the original show but how could it be when the original has such a cult following? Anyway, this show starts off with the viewers learning all about what the Munsters have been up to for so many years now. It turns out that they went to sleep because of an invention that grandpa came up with that allows for undisturbed sleep. While testing it out, a small explosion happens and switches the 20 min sleep test to forever. 22 years later a couple of guys come in wanting to turn the house into a parking lot, switch the sleep invention to off and BOOM, they're back.
    The show's intro at least in the first season has Herman singing "We're the Munster's" and at first its make one stop and go "wow, now dumb is that", mainly because of the way he sounds. Though he does not sound like that in the show but to tell you the truth, I found myself repeating that darn line for a week after. In watching any episode and have had watched the original show many times, one will immediately jump on the fact that grandpa is about 6'3 and Herman or John Schuck who played him is not as tall as you'd expect Herman to be which they made up for with even taller shoes. I can continue with small things like this, which I did at first but I had to come to the realization. This is not the original show and I either need to get over it or watch something else, so I got over and that's when I really started to enjoy the show.
    The show is nothing amazing but it does at least for me have that enjoyable factor to it. Sometimes it's better to just sit down and watch something that does not make you have to think too hard and be able to watch it for what it's worth. Sure most of the episodes are cheesy but I'll gladly take a little cheese on my burger and my show. It may not be the best show but I can guarantee you that it is not the worse, so just give the show a chance and watch a few episodes. You can check out every episode on
  • a cheap imatation

    not even worth watching doesnt even do justice to the orginal.the acting is terrible .. the story line is not even funny.the make up is very cheap looking..its bad i cannot even stand watch it. bad bad bad bad bad it sucks it suck it sucks. dont waste ur this got on tv and last 3 years i never know the actors from the orginal show would turn over in their graves if they saw this bad show. herman was so bad it was just plain goofy. even spongebob would not even watch this terrible i hope this shows stays buried
  • The Munsters... yesterday, "Today" and forever!!!

    This show was a remarkable revival that after its initial pilot episode and first series that followed on from the original 1966 series decided to bring the Munster family into the 1990's. Remarkable, and with a great cast who at sometimes out performed the original, a must see and unfairly overlooked piece of television gold from the early 90's.