The Munsters

Season 2 Episode 26

A Visit From Johann

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Mar 17, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

Herman gets a call from Dr. Victor Frankenstein IV, who tells him he will be visiting, and wants to show him something. When the doctor gets off the phone, he removes a sheet from a look-alike Herman.

Herman visits Dr. Frankenstein in his hotel room. He explains that before his grandfather perfected Herman, he had "one or two near misses." Johann was one of these; he was found in the woods, and had a history of terrorizing villages. Dr. Frankenstein asked Herman to take Johann home to civilize him. However, he didn't want many people to know about it, so he told Herman not to tell his wife. Herman agreed.

Herman put Johann in the dungeon, where he tries to get him to pronounce words. Herman has to leave, so he tells Grandpa to watch him. Grandpa goes upstairs to watch a soap opera. When the show is over, Grandpa leaves the TV on, but leaves the room. Johann comes upstairs, destroys a lamp and watches cartoons. Lily sees him, and, thinking he's Herman, takes him with her to Happy Valley. Herman comes home, and Grandpa thinks he's Johann. When Grandpa figures out he's not Johann, they realize that Lily took the uncivilized monster. They go to call Dr. Frankenstein.

In the meantime, Lily thinks Herman is acting coy and delightful. Dr. Frankenstein uses telepathy to summon Johann. Lily follows him. She gets frustrated when she sees two Hermans, and she goes into a closet. They explain the situation and Dr. Frankenstein decides to take Johann back to Germany.
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