The Munsters

Season 2 Episode 32

A Visit From the Teacher

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 12, 1966 on CBS



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    • Eddie: Hey Pop, when my teacher and the principal get here, could you please not embarrass me by telling them any of your corny jokes?
      Herman: (grinning)Is it okay if I tell them the one about the sailor and the mermaid?
      Eddie: If you tell that one, I'll run away from home!

    • (Eddie's teacher and principal just arrived at the Munster's home)
      Principal: That is an Egyptian vulture.
      Teacher: Well what would it be doing here?
      Principal: Let's hope it has a bad sense of direction.

  • Notes

    • Pat Woodell, who played the teacher, had previously played "Bobbie Jo Bradley" in the first two, rarely seen, black-and-white seasons of "Petticoat Junction" (1963-1965).

    • Eddie's teacher is startled by Lily's pallor when she meets her: "Mr. Bradley, she's green." But isn't her student, Eddie, green too?

    • The series was canceled after this episode, but two films with the original cast were made: Munster, Go Home! was a theatrical release in summer of 1966 and in 1981, NBC aired The Munsters' Revenge with a new Marilyn and Eddie. 1988 brought the TV show The Munsters Today, which had a new cast. It was canceled in 1991. In 1995, Here Come the Munsters aired on Halloween with an all-new cast and featured a scene with the surviving original cast members dining in a restaurant. A Christmas sequel to the 1995 movie was made the following year called The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas with yet another new cast. Both movies were made for the FOX network.

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