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Bryan "Pushing Daisies" Fuller to remake the Munsters on NBC

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    Bryan Fuller and NBC are developing a pilot for a remake of The Munsters. Fuller and several fans want Kristen Bell cast as Marilyn. Fuller says "Are you kidding? She'd be perfect!"

    I guess it's time tospeculate or tell us your dream cast! Smile

    Herman Munster
    Should becast: BradGarrett
    Willbe cast: Brad Garrett

    Brad Garrett for Herman

    Should be cast: Kristin Chenoweth
    Will be cast: Bebe Neuwirth or Megan Mullally

    Kristin Chenoweth for LilyBebe Neuwirth is not a bad choiceMegan Mullallay wouldn't quite work

    Should be cast: Ernest Borgnine or Abe Vigoda
    Will be cast: Jerry Stiller or Danny DeVito

    Ernest Borgnine for GrandpaAbe Vigoda, second best choiceJerry StillerDanny DeVito

    Should be cast: Daeg Faerch
    Will be cast: Daeg Faerch, Field Cate, unknown actor

    Daeg Faerch for Eddie, please! Pretty please!!Field Cate from Pushing Daisies (Young Ned)

    Field cate would be good, but Daeg would be (much!)better, IMO, because he's older... just like how Wednesday and Pugsley were older in the Barry Sonnenfeld Addams Family movies.

    Should be cast: Joanna Garcia
    Will be cast: Kristen Bell

    Joanna Garcia for Marilyn, pleaseChristian Bale, er... Kristen Bell

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